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Me and my parakeet Kiwi!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Junior Is Bored

Here are a couple fun tricks to keep your kids entertained.

Magic Bucket
Round and round it goes, but it doesn't get you wet.

You will need: A rubber bucket, some water. Optional: a long rope, gloves.

Do this one outside and at a safe distance from the kids. Fill the bucket halfway up with water. Grab it by the handle and start swinging it around your body. Once you have it going pretty fast, start swinging it at more of an angle so that it goes over your head.

If you are swinging it fast enough, no water will come out. That's because the force of the swinging pushes the water toward the bottom of the bucket. (This is called centrifugal force.)

If you want, you can tie some rope to the handle so that the bucket can swing further, making the whole scene more dramatic.

WARNING! Do not ever "kick the bucket"! This is instantly fatal, and results in death,too.

Upside Down WA-WA
It doesn't seem like this would work. It does!

You will need: A cardboard square (between 3 and 5 inches), a full glass of water.

Do this trick over the sink, just in case. Slip the piece of cardboard over the glass of water. Hold it in place and flip the glass upside down. Let go of the cardboard. Ta-dah! It stays put! Don't tell the kids you're babysitting that it's just air pressure holding it there - say it's magic.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kung Fu Grip

Try this trick yourself once, to see how simple it is.

Ask Junior to clench his hands together so that his fingers are all interlocking. Have him squeeze tightly for about 20 seconds in a good kung fu grip. Then, while his hands are still griping each other, have him stick his forefingers (the ones closest to the thumbs) straight out so that they don't touch.

Quickly wave your hands over his hands and say a magic word, such as "googly-moogly." The fingers will magicly start moving apart

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Babysitting Tips!!

1.You really should take a babysitting or first-aid class before you accept responsibility for other peoples kid. (The Red Cross or your local parks department probably offers these in your area.) Besides, you get a cool-looking "official" card!

2.Do not call the children you babysit any of the following names: rug rats,house-apes,ankle-biters,munchkins,droolers,li'l monsters or smurfs.

3.Pay attention to the kids you're babysitting and play with them. (Stay off the phone!)

4.Even if the parents have weird rules, like "Junior should wear his safety helmet and body armor if he goes outside," it's best to follow them. This keeps the kids in their routine. Once you break one rule, they'll want to break all the other ones.

5.Clean up any messes that get made. (Better yet, have the kids clean up!) And if you really want to impress the parents, straighten up messes that were there before you arrived.

6.Don't invite any friends over! That is a big no-no.

7.When the parents come home,tell them some funny stories about what the kids did while they were gone. Parents love to here stuff like this.