Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome to Victoria's Girly Girl Corner!

Well, first, let me explain. I know I have said this  time and time again. That I am starting over on this blog. But this time I mean it!! I am starting to change my looks a little bit, be more feminine and cute and modest.. So yeah, back to where I was. Hello!!

Modesty? What kind of word is that?

It means just what it says. Modesty. Modesty. Oftentimes once a Christian girl has her convictions on modesty, she falls into a rut about what to wear, or not to wear. Eventually we become frumpy, homeschooler-y, or even legalistic. Let's dash the streotype that pop's into one's mind when the words "modesty" or "homeschooler" are mentioned. The definition of modesty is not defined by the culture around us, but rather by the Word that He has given us for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness (2nd Timothy 3:16) so that we may live a life glorifying to Him and as an example of His awesome redeeming power to the unbeleiving.

Practical particulars: With God's grace, I will be posting ideas to help you not fall into a rut when dressing. I have personally learned that it is very encouraging to even just see a few pictures of other girl's modest outfits for the ideas and was to put things together. Let's be cute, but covered! Stylish, but sensible! Contemporary, but classic! Feminine, but fresh!

In a phrase, this blog is to encourage other young ladies who have given there lifes to Christ to dress outside your box, but inside His Book!

To God be the Glory,

"Make sure when you get dressed in the morning that you look cute as a button and that Jesus would be proud of you."           ~Unknown