Sunday, October 24, 2010

Victoria's Brain

I ofteen wonder, what would my brain look like?

So, I sketched it.

Is your brain like mine? Or is it wired differently? I'd love to know!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jazzing it Up

Here is my gazillion (a word I use often!!) braacelts! *captions at the bottom.*

No, I'm not obsessed.....but hey Silly Bandz do rock!!!!
Stretch bead bracelet I got at Down Home Days!!!

Red Bead braclet.....This used to be my Mom's bangle....when she was a little girl....I love it!!!


This necklace has a mickey mouse chape on it I got it in Disney World!!!

This a stretchy bracelets I love them!!! I meant to post one of my Mom's old bangle oops I forgot!!! Sorry

Stretchy braclets!

Cute bracelt

Which one is yourr favorite?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why I Should be a Model

I'm wiling to dress in whatever clothes my designer wants...

I'm just amazing with hairstyles.....
I can change my look with make-up like *that*...

What pose do you want? I can do it...

What can I say? I was born to pose...

The Social Network

{not my picture.}
I've discovered a problem with me.
It's that picture up there.
Yes, The Social Network.
When I come to the computer, to check my e-mail or even doing something else, I click open the search thing...and then I type in "".
I'll just check my notifications.
30 minutes later, can you guess what I'm still doing?
"My e-mail!! I forgot!! Oh no..."
Does anyone else do the same thing?
I now know two people who have delted theirs because they feel like it takes up too much time. Because once you check a notification, say someone commented on your status, and you comment back. And right there your'e caught up in a flurry of conversatiion and pictures.
I would love to have the nerve to delete mine; except I can't. It is fun to find friends whom you haven't seen in two years, add them as your sister, strike up a conversation with them. I can find almost my whole old school on there. It is just ridicioulus.
Oh Facebook, I LOVE you!!! But why are you sooo addicting!!??

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Four Fun Things about me!!

#1 Alright. This is kinda embarrasing!!! I have a stuffy and runny nose!! lol!!!

#2 I'm 13 year olds and still like to sit in my daddy's lap. :)

#3 I love thunderstorms, but only during the daytime. If they happen in the middle of the night I can't stand it and I end up staying awake until it passes!!

#4 Okay, this one is kinda weird, I am afraid of any clothing that has feathers on it..silly I know!! :D


Well that was fun!!!

Have a blessed Wednesday everyone!!!! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For Emily...

I wanted to take the time to direct you all over to sweet Emily's blog (it's on my sidebar.) as she is undergoing current treatment and preparations for a stem cell transplant in hopes of curing her cancer. She has such a sweet personality and her faith in the Lord is a true inspriation. I'm sure she would love to hear from you and know that more people are praying!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Lord,

Ihope you are all enjoying your Friday!!!!

God Bless!!!!

How Great Is Our God!

Praise The Lord!!!

Giveaway... is having an awesome giveawa for Christian CD's go check it out!! :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

For Fun...

  • Here is a tag like thing: What is your theme song, the favorite song that absoulutely matches you?

Vacation!If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
I think that would be Paris...or Rome...or Hawaii. Yeah. Definitly Africa. :D I'm so indescicve! I really would like to visit Paris though!!
Favorite TV Show, and why?
It's encouraging to me because the Duggars share alot of our same beliefs...and it's fun to see how their large family interacts and functions on a day-to-day basis!

Ding-Dong!! Your favorite actor/singer/celebrity, is at your front door! Who would it be?

This is the best I could come up with! For some reason my mind is blank!

What is your favorite Bible verse, your "life verse"?

Come near to God and he will come near too you." James 4:8

You are trapped on a desert island.Your only supplies are the clothes you have on, and a box with five things in it. What are those five things?
#1 My Bible
#2 Matches
#3 Knife
#4 Pillow
#5 Blanket
Chocolate or Carmel?
Chocolate for sure. =)
If forced to do one of the two, which would you do: sky diving or scuba diving? why?
I think I would rather sky dive I've always been kinda leery about ocean water. I'd rather jump out of the sky at 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 feet. LOL!!
Are you a coffee and doughnuts sorta lady,or a tea and scones type of gal?
In the past I think I would have leaned more towards tea and scones...but I sure LOVE doughnuts and coffee!!! So....does "all of the above" count?
The time machine has finally been created, and you are the first too use it!! What era would you travel too?
Sometime during the 1800's--early 1900's. Don't ask me why. For some reason I'm really fasinated by the thought that it really wasn't toooo long ago, yet things were so different! I like to think about the fact that those were the times my grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents lived as well. :)
What is the last movie you watched?
A few seconds of 27 Dresses on TV.

What was your absolute favorite toy as a baby?
His name was is a stufed bear really cute I still have him!!
Alright, that was alot of fun! I'm glad I was finally able to get this posted. I hope you have a very blessed week, everyone!! :)

You Were Bought at a Price

The other day I remembered something that Bro. Oliver preached about, years ago. He spoke on the topic that our salvation wasn't free--we were bought a price. I thought this would serve as a great reminder to us all. :)

It's amazing that our salvation didn't come cheaply. At any moment God could have chosen to "lower the price" instead of sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins...

(Marking us down to 50% off, or buy 1 get 2 free, etc......... ;)

But He didn't! Each and indivisual Christian was bought at the same price. And a very expensive price that was!

That price was the blood of Jesus Christ!!

How differently things would have turned out had the Lord decided that the blood of his Son was to high a price to pay...Nothing would be the same.

Praise The Lord All The Earth! :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'M BACK!!!! YAY!!!

Hey I'm back I am so sorry it took so long!!! I missed each and everyone of you!!! :) comment and please follow some more thanks!!!! I missed ya'll so bad!! :)


I am giving this award to Polka-Dot at Life's Too Short To Wear Red Shoes!!!!

Great job with your blog!