Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do you like long tags or short tags? Depends. Do you like Animals? Depends on what kind you are talking about. What was the last movie you watched? The Apple Dumpling Game. What was the last thing you cooked? Chocolate Cherry Mice!!!! I made it for Christmas!!!! Do you like to cook? Yes. What is your opinion on fantasy? I don'tknow. If you absolutely had to go to college, what would you want to major in? I don't know. Least Favorite subject in school? Math!!!! Favorite type of weather? partly cloudy and in the 50s or 60s with a slight breeze is nice. What was the last book you read? The Exciles. Do you get along well with computers (i.e. know what buttons to press when something goes wrong, know what to do when the power goes out)? No. Do you like undersea life? Depends. VS.Hot dog or Hamburger? Hamburger with cheese please!( that would actually be a cheese burger) Taco or Nachos? Soft Taco. Rain or shine? SHINE!!! Big or small? I don't know. Fancy or simple? Depends.
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Do you like chocolate? Oh yes! I love chocolate! 2. Can you climb trees? depends. 3. What continent would you like to visit? Eourpe 4. What Chinese year where you born in? I don't know. 5. Are you a terrible artist? I like to think I'm not... 6. List three movies you can't stand watching: Good Boy, Barbie movies, and 8 Below. 7. Do you like to get up early or sleep in late? I like to get up early. 8. What are some of your favorite books? Wild Cats, Pick of The Litter and many more. 9. Have you seen any of the star wars movies? No I HATE Star Wars. 10. List three of your favorite Star Wars Characters: None. 11. Do you like to play music or do you like to listen to music? Depends on which song. 12. Are you big on sports? Not really...... 13. Do you read a lot? Oh Yes... I read every day. Right now I am reading Wild Cats. 14. Do you like fantasy? Not really. 15. Have you ever had a caption contest on your blog? No. 16. Do you sing a lot? Yes I do.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How old are you? 12. 2. What is your favorite color? Blue, Green, and Pink. 3. Who was your first crush and when was it? Eathan King and it was in kindergarten. 4. How many blogs do you have? only this one! 5. Do you have a facebook? Yes I do. 6. Do you have a Twitter? Nope! 7. What's your BFF's name? Kristina Clowdus. 8. What are your favorite Clothes brands? Old Navy, Faded Glory and some other ones. 9. Do you put Mascara on in the mornings or whenever? very rare.
10. What size shoe do you wear? 10, 11 or 11 1/2 or 12 in womens. 11. If you had to pick 1 singer or band to meet who would it be? I don't know.... 12. Who is your crush currently? I don't have one!!! 13. When do you post on your blog? whenever i feel like it.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas :)

List seven songs that you are into right now.
1. Party in the USA!!! ... Hannah Montana
2. The Best of Both Worlds.... Hannah Montna
3. Away in a Manger...Celtic Woman
4. O Holy Night.....Celtic Women
5. It's the Climb... Hannah Montana
6. It's the Life.... Hannah Montana
7. Rush.... Aly & AJ

What kind of a car do you want when you're older? Volkswagon beetle

Where do you want to live when you're older? in a cabin

Do you want to go to collage? Yes

How many siblings do you have? one

How many children do you want to have when you're married? As many as God wants me to have, but maybe 5 or 6

Boys or girls? BOTH!!!!

City girl or country girl? Country Girl

Gourmet meals or steak with salad? I don't know

Flying or driving? driving

Bike riding or swimming? Swimming

Sports or no sports? depend what you are talking about.

Books or movies? Books!

School or chores? Chores........I would rather not doboth.

Inside or outside? Depends.

Wednesday or Sunday?Both!

Friends or Family? Both... even better!

Fried or scrambled eggs? Scrambled

Pancakes or cereal? PANCAKES!

Big meal or something small? Depends on if I'm hungry or not!

Movie or TV show? TV show...... Hannah Montana, Little house on the prarie... etc.

Thing to do outside? Swimming, Volleyball, and playing tag

Favorite meal? CHristmas and Thanksgiving

Place to read a good book? On the couch or my bed

What is your favorite vegetable? Hmmmmmmmm........

Where do you want to live when you graduate? I don't know

What time or day do you like the best? Evening

What is your favorite flower? Rose

What is your favorite weapon? A bee-bee gun

Do you like sports? If so which is your favorite? Yes, swimming,

Do you like writing? Of course.

What is your favorite month? August :)

Do you not like adventure? Depends, but mostly yes!

Do you collect anything? What do you collect? Yes, snowglobes and rocks

Do you live near your grandparents? Yes

Are you bored of this? A bit

Well, it's over how did you like it? It was interesting and fun!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do you like to write?Yes!Favourite Books? Lizzie Logan Wears Purple Sunglasses, Lizzie Logans in the wedding!!(I have lots of others!)Do you compose music/write songs?No. Do you like Poetry?If it's good, then yes. Loved someone so much who made you cry? I don't know what you are talking about. Broken a bone?Uh, No. Been in a police car?In my imagination... Been on a boat? Yes several times once I was in the oceanin a pontoon boat scary. Canoe? No. Fallen asleep at school? If sick yes. Did you sing today? Yes. KFC, Popeyes or Church's? KFC!! Starbucks or McCafe? Starbucks all the way!!! What's your favourite time of year? It changes with the seasons... at the moment, it's WINTER!! Do you ever talk to yourself? nNo, Do you have a favourite treat you like to buy on occasions?vA new book! What's your favourite sport? Gymnastics! What colour is your cell phone? pink. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Europe! If you could go to any fictional place, where would you go? I don't know!! What do you want to be when you a grown-up? Office worker!! Favourite animal?My parakeet, Kiwi. Favourite Song?Way too many, it's like the books! Do you like school? Not at the moment. Do you like to talk?Only to certain people... Favourite food? Manacotti!! Hobbies? writing, reading, photography! Favourite Author?Read my favourite books! Please spare me! Favourite weapon? I don't have any weapons. Is this a fun tag or are you getting bored? Yeah, it's pretty fun! Do you like Hannah Montana and all those girly people and movies like high school musical?I like Hannh Montana.. What are you scared of? Falling off tall heights. Favourite flower?Something you have never heard of! Colour of your eyes? blue

Since TV was invented

Since TV was invented, if you wanted to bet on which candidate would be elected President of the United States, it has almost always been the one with the most hair. So if a woman runs for president, she should win!

Coincidence? I think not!

The United Nations rates Sweden as the only country where women really are equal to men. About half of their politicians [including the Cabinet and Parliament] are female. Sweden is also usually rated as having the highest standard of living in the world. Coincidence? I think not!


THE UNITED STATES HAS SLIGHTLY MORE WOMEN than men. Yes! And compared to the men, a higher percentage of those women vote. Yes, yes! So, since the United States is a democracy and elects most of its politicians, about half of it's politicians must be women, right? WRONG!

Girl Power

"Have the courage and the daring to think that you can make a difference. That's what being young is all about." -- Ruby Dee

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Heart Pump Handshake

Shake hands however you want to, but don't realease!! Give a slow squeeze, relax, give a slow squeeze, relax.

Monday, October 26, 2009


"Always accept all compliments. Ignore any other remarks." -- Kay Oss

Sunday, October 25, 2009


"If you have a bit of knowledge, a piece of information, or some love to give, you ought to give it up." -- Lauryn Hill

Saturday, October 24, 2009

"That Dress Is So Cute, It's a Crime I Don't Have It!"

About 70 percent of women who get arrested are taken in for shoplifting. It's probably better just to wait for a sale. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

1.Were you named after anyone? uh... not sure2.When was the last time you cried? Rather not answer.3.Do you like your handwriting? Is is alright. 4.What is your favorite lunch meat? Deli Ham 5.Do you have kids? Thankfully, NO!!!! 6.If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Maybe... 7.Do you use sarcasm a lot? I don't know!!!!!!!! 8.Do you still have your tonsils? Yes 9.Would you bungee jump? Yes if there was a astro jump or something below me!!! 10.What is your favorite cereal? Rice Krispies 11.Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? nope 12.Do you think you are strong? To me, yes. To a sumo wrestler, I am a wimp. 13.What is your favorite Ice Cream? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 14.What is the first thing you notice about a person? Strange buut the way there hair is styled and colored. 15.Red or Pink? Pink 16.What is your favorite thing about yourself? My sense of humor 17.Who do you miss the most?Friends 18.What is the thing you need to work on the most? Math 19.What color shoes are you wearing? I am not wearing shoes I am wearing white socks 20.What is the last thing you ate? 2 hot dogs with cheese and chili on them and slaw on the side. 21.What are you listening to right now? Kiwi my parakeet chirping and Mom washing the dishes. 22.If you were a crayon, what color would you be? red, cause it's a fall color. 23.Favorite Smells? Roses 24.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?Anmarie and Emma. 25.Mountain Hideaway or Beach house? Beach House because I live close to the mountain. 26.Favorite Sport to watch? Gymnastics. 27. Hair Color? Blonde 28. Eye Color? Bright blue 29. Do you wear contacts? NO 30.Favorite Food? Pizza that has cheese on it!!!! 31. Scary Movie or Happy ending? Happy ending 32. Last movie you watched? The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry 33. What shirt are you wearing? Long sleeved mock turtleneck red striped shirt. 34.Summer or Winter? SUMMER!!!! 35. Hugs or Kisses? Depends on the person 36. Favorite Desert? Anything chocolate 37. Strength training or Cardio? I don't know. 38. Computer or Television? Computer because you can watch T.V. online!! 39. What book are you reading right now? Mary-Kate and Ahsley Sweet 16 40.What is on your mousepad? I don't have a mouse pad 42. Favorite Sound? Rain 43. Rolling Stones or Beatles? HUH???? 44. What is the farthes you have been from home? Florida.45. Do you have a special talent? I cna cook. 46. Where were you born? Georgia 47. Where are you living right now? Georgia 48. What color is your house? light blue 49.What color is your car? my mom's car is red 50. Do you like answering 50 question? Sort of..See ya!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shop Electric

One day a blonde went into Shop Electric and said to the man "Could I buy this TV please?" "Sorry, we don't sell to blondes." The man said.

So off she went home and put on a brown wig. She went to the shop again and asked to buy the TV again. The same thing happened again. He told her they didn't sell to blondes. So she went home, got changed, put on different clothes and changed her make-up. Off she went to Shop Electric again. " Could I buy this TV?" She said again.

"No, we don't sell to blondes."

"How do you know Im a blonde?" she said.

"Cause that's a microwave, not a TV!!!" The man said.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Story I Wrote In First Grade

Here it is it don't have a title: A long time ago this is when nobody was born and dinosours were there it would be terrible because it would step on your house and step on a store and they would step on twenty horses and it would step on cows and the schools and liaberys.

Random Facts

~The average lead pencil will draw a line 35 miles long or write approximately 50,000 English words.
~You're born with 300 bones, but by the time you become an adult, you only have 206.
~Flea's can jump 130 times higher than their own height. In human terms this is equal to a 6ft. person jumping 780 ft. into the air.
~The poison arrow frogs of South and Central America are the most poisonous animals in the world.
~Sound travels about 4 times faster in water than in air.
~No normal size piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 times.
~Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
~ Happy Birthday(the song) is copyrighted.
~Honey is the only food that does not spoil. Honey found in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs has been tasted by archaeologist and found edible.
~A quarter has 119 grooves around the edge.
~A dime has 118 ridges around the edge
A minister parked his car in a no-parking zone in a large city because he was short of time and couldn't find a space with a meter. So he put a note under the windshield wiper that read: "I have circled the block 10 times. If I don't park here, I'll miss my appointment. FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES." When he returned, he found a citation from a police officer along with this note. "I've circled this block for 10 years. If I don't give you a ticket, I'll lose my job. LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION."

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Place Called There!

1 Kings 17 : 1-16
1 Kings 18:1-8
James 5.

That tells me Elijah was just a person like me that has feelings also. Mt. Carmel after Elijah had called fire down from heaven. Elijah was like me he was a nobody until he got the Word of God. We can have influence like him, When we get with God. What if Elijah didn't go to Ahab's house? Thank God he was bold enough to speak!
1 Kings 18:10
Ahab would look for Elijah. Elijah was a man God had put in that postion. Elijah didn't know what would happen after he spoke to Ahab!! It wasn't long after God told Elijah that he was going to protect him. God didn't tell Elijah what steps he would take. He revealed one step at a time. I don't have to worry about tomorrow God will show us what we need to do today. We need faith in God. If we obey God, God will provide for us. Elijah believed in God. Most people never realize how much God has given them. We can't see God's provision until we go there. You have to obey God in order.
1 Kings 17:8-9
We can't just seek the Lord just once and then just forget about him.
Malachi 3:10
Seek God and believe in him!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Faith in Jesus

Matthew 16 : 13-19

Jesus asked 2 questions, Whom do you say that I am? (was one of them.) Peter answered You are the Christ the Son of God. Judas didn't have the same faith as Peter did! The Lord knows if we really believe in him. The fellowship of church has been corrupted by other things. God intended the church a fellowship not other things. Simon Peter answered you are the Son of God. 1 John 1: 1-3 HE IS THE SON OF GOD! JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD! He is the way the truth and the life. Matthew 11. John 16. God has to show sinners that they are lost. When a person is saved they'll wanna tell a testimony. People aren't satisfied until they have God. Jesus is Wonderful!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Me and my parakeet Kiwi!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Junior Is Bored

Here are a couple fun tricks to keep your kids entertained.

Magic Bucket
Round and round it goes, but it doesn't get you wet.

You will need: A rubber bucket, some water. Optional: a long rope, gloves.

Do this one outside and at a safe distance from the kids. Fill the bucket halfway up with water. Grab it by the handle and start swinging it around your body. Once you have it going pretty fast, start swinging it at more of an angle so that it goes over your head.

If you are swinging it fast enough, no water will come out. That's because the force of the swinging pushes the water toward the bottom of the bucket. (This is called centrifugal force.)

If you want, you can tie some rope to the handle so that the bucket can swing further, making the whole scene more dramatic.

WARNING! Do not ever "kick the bucket"! This is instantly fatal, and results in death,too.

Upside Down WA-WA
It doesn't seem like this would work. It does!

You will need: A cardboard square (between 3 and 5 inches), a full glass of water.

Do this trick over the sink, just in case. Slip the piece of cardboard over the glass of water. Hold it in place and flip the glass upside down. Let go of the cardboard. Ta-dah! It stays put! Don't tell the kids you're babysitting that it's just air pressure holding it there - say it's magic.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kung Fu Grip

Try this trick yourself once, to see how simple it is.

Ask Junior to clench his hands together so that his fingers are all interlocking. Have him squeeze tightly for about 20 seconds in a good kung fu grip. Then, while his hands are still griping each other, have him stick his forefingers (the ones closest to the thumbs) straight out so that they don't touch.

Quickly wave your hands over his hands and say a magic word, such as "googly-moogly." The fingers will magicly start moving apart

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Babysitting Tips!!

1.You really should take a babysitting or first-aid class before you accept responsibility for other peoples kid. (The Red Cross or your local parks department probably offers these in your area.) Besides, you get a cool-looking "official" card!

2.Do not call the children you babysit any of the following names: rug rats,house-apes,ankle-biters,munchkins,droolers,li'l monsters or smurfs.

3.Pay attention to the kids you're babysitting and play with them. (Stay off the phone!)

4.Even if the parents have weird rules, like "Junior should wear his safety helmet and body armor if he goes outside," it's best to follow them. This keeps the kids in their routine. Once you break one rule, they'll want to break all the other ones.

5.Clean up any messes that get made. (Better yet, have the kids clean up!) And if you really want to impress the parents, straighten up messes that were there before you arrived.

6.Don't invite any friends over! That is a big no-no.

7.When the parents come home,tell them some funny stories about what the kids did while they were gone. Parents love to here stuff like this.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to Avoid Things You Don't Need to Buy!

One good way to avoid things you don't need to buy is make a list at home of what you need and stick with it!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kiwi the Parakeet

I Have a yellow and green parakeet with black specks on it!!!!!! His name is Kiwi!! He is already used to me!! Yay!!! I got him at The Bird House!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Moms blog

My Mom has a blog now if anybody wants to go to it it is called

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy day!

Hi I know it has been a long time I have been on here sorry all blogger readers!!I have went bike riding While I was bike riding I saw 3 does and two baby deer in the park It was so pretty cause one of the babies was playing and jumping all around!! Today I went swimming at the pool for 2 hours!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Me and my Mom and Dad and brother went up the road from where I live to look at some minature ponies and four big horses an 1 donkey. The minature horses were so cute I tryed to ride one but t would not let me! It was so funny I will post some pics as soon as possible.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Red Envelope Day

What: Get Red envelopes or postcards and mail them on March 31st to the White House.
When:March 31st
Get a red envelope. You can buy them at Kinko's or Wal-mart or any party stores.
On the front address it to:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington,D.C. 20500

On the back of the envelope write the following message:

This envelope represents one child who died because of an abortion. It is empty because the life that was taken is now unable to be a part of our world.

Mail the envelopes out March 31st 2009

Put it in the mail, and send it.

I wish we could send 50 million red envelopes, one for every child who died [in the U.S.] before having a chance to live.

It may seem like we have no voice and it's shameful to even bring it up. Let us show our President and the world that the voices of those of us who don't belive abortion is acceptable are not silent and must be heard. Together we can change the heart of The President and save the lives of millions of children.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Isn't this adorable!! I do not know who this baby is but isn't she so so so so cute!!Those are some big headphones.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ha Ha poor cat it got his hopes up for bacon!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ha ha

That is exactly what I m doing is stretching!


Ha Ha funny the cat is in jail!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Busy day!

Hi sorry I have not posted in a while! Today I have been playing with my neighbors and My family and I have been burning a brush pile. Then after a while my Pa-Paw came over and plowed up our garden. Then me and my Dad rode bikes up to a persons house on down the rode. Well that's all for now ~VICTORIA~

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The baby is coming home today.

Not to my house but to his he is tough he can lift up barly if you hold him!! His parents and his sister is so proud and excited!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I seen the new baby!

The new baby is so cute He has a full head of hair and he weighs 9 pounds and 1 ounce. He is 21 inches long. If you saw him you would want to hold him he is so so so so adorable! ~Victoria~

Monday, February 2, 2009

My baby couisn

Hi I am so exicted Today My Aunt Julie is having a baby boy his name is Nicholas Xander . My couisn which is the big sister is 5 years old and is so excited She spent the night at my Grandmas for the first time ever I hope she had a good time I am pretty sure she did cause my Grandma is sweet and funny.

My fun day is over !

Hi me and my Mom had so muuch fun I got some odd looking shirts but they look better on me than not on me. We ate at Logan's I ate mozzeralla sticks and fries and a coke. My m0m ate chicken salad. ~Victoria~

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun day today!

Hi today me and my Mom are going to go shopping for clothes and grab a bite to eat! Doen't sound fun? I will answer that for you yes!! ~Victoria~

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Your Bank Account Poem

I knelt to pray but not for long, I had too much to do. I had to hurry and get to work,For bills would soon be due. So I knelt and said a hurried prayer, And jumped up off my knees. My Christian duty was now done My soul could rest at ease.... All day long I had no time To spread the word of cheer No time to speak of Christ to friends, They'd laugh at me I'd fear No time,no time,too much to do. That was my constant cry,No time to give to souls in need But at last the time, the time to die.. I went before the Lord. I came, I stood with downcast eyes. For in his hands God held a book; It was the book of life. God looked into his book and said "Your name I cannot findI once was going to write it down... But never found the time."


Hi Here is a few links that are really neat. ~Victoria~

The amazing rainbow

This a rainbow in the sky. Do you know why the rainbow is there? No it is not a pot of gold at the end of it. God promised never to flood the earth again.

The sun

This is a beautiful picture of the sun rays. When you are outside and the clouds are blocking the sun, Your kind of dissapointed but when the sun comes out you want to jump for joy! But when the sun rays come out with it, it is even more beautiful.

Do you know?

Thius is such a pretty picture it is the sunset or sunrise I can't tell the difference.Can you tell? leave a comment please!

This is our hunting dog Rocky He was younger than now he is older. He barks all the time unless we tell him to be quiet.

Cook out

This is a picture of me we were having a cookout we Invited all my friends! We had hotdogs,hamburgers,marshmellows. We had a real good time playing dolls and tag. The dog is a old dog named Hoot.
This is a picture of my Daddy He is smiling the sun is just shining in his eyes! Ha Ha Ha Ha

Stay at Home Moms Money Savers: Update on Homemade Fabric Softener

Stay at Home Moms Money Savers: Update on Homemade Fabric Softener
This so cool see the pretty dove I think it's somebody's pet cause there is no doves around here!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Isn't this pretty, it is in my backyard. In the early morning hours. My Mom took this picture. It is amazing how the sky changes color. God is amazing!

Yay my first blog!

I am so excited that I have my very own blog! It took me a little while to figure it out but I got it! ~Victoria~