Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Who, Me? It Couldn't Be, mon Cheri...

Hello my lovely bloggerinas!!
First things first. The title? Yeah I have no idea where that came from. Popped into my mind, and I was like "Wow...that rhymed!!" and wrote it down. Such is the blessedness of randomness.
Second things second. I am dressed similarly to Demi Lovato today!! Have you all seen the Sonny With A Chance episode called 'Walk a Mile in My Shoes'? Well it's one of my favorite episodes because it's just hilarious. But towards the end of the episode, Demi is shown wearing a simple outfit of a yellow t-shirt with dark wash skinny jeans. Yup that's me today, except I am wearing dark thermal pants and a orange t-shirt BUT I do have a yellow shirt and dark wash skinny jeans in my room!!! I so admire Demi's style...so I was so thrilled when I found out I have the same outfit as her ( even if it was an accident!!).
So. Third things third.
CrAZy pICturEs!!!
(yeah that whole switching caps thing annoys me too. heehee)

So I have always wanted to do that whole mustache thing...so tonight I finally did. Haha I felt like a stereotypical Italian pizza maker :)

Extreme happiness in nose-wrinkly form :) I can be giddy at times. This is photographic evidence.

I could not escape the power of the mustache. IT CONSUMED ME!!
(yeah. I'm hyper today)

(ignore the hair. It is night. my hair is unruly. I plead for mercy.)


My outfit I am wearing........

Friday, November 26, 2010

Anchored by Trust in Love's Stormy Waters.

Hi girls!! Once again, I apoligize for taking days to post again...as I have said before (and probably will have to keep saying) is life is busy...and because of that I'm having a hard time settling down enough to take pictures, or think of a truly interesting topic for my blog. There's nothing really I can do about it..when I do have snatches of Internet time I find myself on facebook, trying to stay connected with my friends, I will try harder to get some posts in, but it's going to be tight during the holiday seasons. Sorry!! Hope these posts haven't been too brief, boring, mundane, etc...
So. What I wanted to talk about is relationships, because that seems to be a pretty large force in my life lately. I am not in a relationship (yet), but there are a couple of guys that have caught my intrest, and I've just been pondering relationships lately. These days, a relationship seems to be a risky thing to be in. I've had so many friends who are so happy with a guy, then all of a sudden the guy just drops it, and they are left broken-hearted. Love seems so cruel, ad yet it's something everybody stives for. I don't know one girl or guy that doesn';t want to be loved by the oppisite sex. It's natural, and something that is very hard to stifle.
It makes me wonder that maybe that's why so many relationships end badly, because either one person or the other gives their heart away before they know all the facts about the person.
I have always been an advocate of being friends with guys first, then moving on, but it can be very awkward to move on once a friendship is established. One always wonders if the other person likes them, if their just being friendly, and then they get scared out of their wits, to actually do anything toward the romantic derection.
That's the situation I'm in. I'm good friends with this guy, really connect with him and have a good time talking too him, we seem so alike on so many different levels, but how do I KNOW if that guy likes me? Nearly every girl I know has had this problem at least once, they don't want to be overaggresive and pushy, but they simply don't know how the guy really feels!!
Well...I've got a solution..or at least the solution that has been working for me, and it's the soultion that works not only in relationships, but in all things in life.
TRUST GOD. Let HIM lead you, because if he isn't, the relationship WILL go wrong.
"But Victoria!!" you moan, "That's what everyone tells me. Just trust God!! But what if God isn't telling what to do? What if the guy I like has really liked me all along and was too scared too tell me?"
I know, I know. I've been there and asked those same questions. But I find that God doesn't very often actually TELL you what to do, except through his word. And do you know what his word says?

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a hope and a future.."
Jerimiah 29:11
"Wives, submit yourselfs unto your husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is head of the wife, even as Christ is he head of the church." Ephesians 5:22

His word says that HE has a plan, and you can asolutely rely on that plan. It also says that girls should not take it upon themselves to try to start or to run a relationship. I know it doesn't sound very modern or independent, but something inside me rebelsat the thought of asking a guy out. It makes me wonder "If this guy didn't have enough backbone to ask me out, do I want to be with him?"
So I would say that even if the guy is being stubborn and unclear, I don't think it's our job as girls to clarify the relationship. If that guy is truly the guy for me, he will ask me out, in the time that God has planned him too. In the mean time, my job is to maintain the friendship relationship, so even if a romantic relationship never happens, you still will have a wonderful friendship.
It almost sounds too easy, I know. But I do believe that that is how God designed relationships to be. Anchored by trust in Him at every level.
Now, I know that it doesn't help with the natural desire to find out is the gouy you like likes you, or the impatience for something FINALLY happen. I know. I am in that spot right now. But I am trying to lay all my cares and burdens on the Lord, because only he knows how this chapter of my life will end. He knows the story of my whole life, and I will not dare to think that I could end it better then he could.
Trust me, if you try to rewrite the plan God has for you, his plan won't change, but he'll have a harder time straightning you out so the plan can come into fruitation. The way I see it is that if I try and interfere and do relationships MY way...who knows what wonderful things in God's plans am I missing or delaying?
I prefer to walk with God, and let him show me his plan, just as he intended it.
So don't let "love" or confusing guys get you down--God's got you and he alays will.
Love you girls!!


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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Day Devoted To Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving all!!
Yep,it's that day, one of the days out of the year where the whole nation gives thanks for the wonderful blessing they have recieved. And we as Christians can be doubly thankful, because we actually know whom we are thanking, the wonderful Almighty God of the universe, who mad everything, who gives and takes away!! How amazing is He?
I have so much to be thankful for, I cant even list it all, but I think the thing I am most thankful for is love. The love from my Heavenly Father, the love from my family, the love from my friends, the love from my church, the very fact that something as wonderful as love exists...that's what I am most thankful for.
What about you?
So, in keeping with holiday, I will try to love as Jesus loved--and do it everyday, just as He did. It DEFINANTLY won't be easy for an imperfect being like me, but He gave his all for me, and so must I for him.
So enjoy the holiday!! Give thanks for what you have given, love those around you, and remember that this holiday only serves as a reminder...that this is what we should be doing everyday!! :)

So there you have it!! Enjoy the holiday..and remember the reason for the holiday in the first place.. GIVING THANKS!!!

((the turkey is good too!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dance Right On

Hello girlies!!

I know, I'm pathetically bad, waiting almost 5 days to post, I've been busy, getting a break from school, catching up on my reading and sleep..it has been a rather luxurious living, but MY how I have enjoyed it!!
So. Today was rather a good day I went shopping!!! But one word bugs me!! Acne.
Uh-huh. What I really want is for the zits to GO AWAY, not to be told I am not alone, when anyone can CLEARLY see that girls with acne problems are seriously scarce. Yes, I am one of the rare ones. Ugh. I know, I know, pity party. But enough with today's rant.
Now on to my weekly Teen Girl's Daybook!!!

Date: November 22, 2010
Starting Time: 8:53 p.m.
Mood... Happy and generally satisfied with the going ons of the world.
Outside the window... Night
I'm thinking about... How much fast food I have ate lately...hehe may want to excercise tomorrow.
I'm reading...Beanpole :) It's a good book so far.
I'm lisinting to...TV and washing machine.
I'm wearing...My Pj's!!! Orange shirt...and purple crushed velvet pants. Oh yeah.
Yesterday I...Went to church
I'm excited for... Thanksgiving!!!
I'm sad because... the new job Dad has e will be gone for 2 months!!! :(
I'm hungry for... NOTHING!!! I'm so full!!!!
THe song stuck in my head is...... a little tune. LOL
I want: Acne to be gone and a certain guy to finally say hi to me since we are already kinda friend anyway!!! Arrgghhh!!! I mean HELLO?? Do I have to everything?
I love... my friends. They are SO amazing.
I loathe... Not really anything right now.
This week my goal is to... to not care about how I look like, to take creative pictures. and savor every moment I can with my family!!
Did I meet last week's goal? Sure did! :)
nding TIme: 9:06 p.m.
There you have it!! A little slice of ME right now! Now I've got to go do some other things on the computer and then grab some shuteye!! Love you girlies!!
Keep Shining!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hey girls!!!

For some reason, I just love photos of eyes. Eyes are the windoes of the human soul, every emotion can be seen through the eyes. It is amazing how God put so much emotion into them, how just by one glance we can tell joy, or pain, or heartbreak, or peace just by looking into someone's eyes.
That's all the pictures I have the energy to post tonight. I hoped you like them...and I wouldn't mind some prayer guys. It's kind of tough for me right now, I have to juggle a million differeent things in my mind, plus figure out a matter of the heart, if you know what I mean. So your prayer and your patience is greatly apperciated.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I would like to welcome my newest follower to my blog!!!

Welcome to Victoria's Girly Girl Corner....... Anna Katherine!!!!

Long Belated...

Hey girlies!
How do you gus like the new blog design? I am SO glad I finally got it all to work together, so I can focus completley on posting now!! I've been noticing that I haven't done like ANY fashion posts lately...been kinda WACKO over photography, which isn't really a bad thing, but I know with a blog, you shouldn't just focus on one thing...all...the...time, or else the reader gets really bored. So to avoid boring you guys..here comes some fallish fashion!!

I know it's alot to focus on..but I lovewhat I am seeing in this photo! The key--chic layering. Cute cardigans go over almost anything, whether it's a light t-shirt, or something more fancy, like a dress. A cute belt, whether it be wide or skinny finishes off the look. I cannot describe how jealous I am of these girls..cause they all have tights and trenchcoats! Trenchcoats are *so* fall, and look so much more formal and professional than just a hoodie, and the tights allow you too wear a dress..even when the days start becoming chilly!!

What I love about these outfits..is there colorful and randomness!! The little red booties are so cute, and I love how nothing really matches, but somehow because they keep the colorschemes the same, and blend bright colors with more neuteral ones, they create a totally fun look!!
This outfit combines more formal pieces, the jacket and the skirt, with causal pieces, and creates a look that could really work anywhere, a causal or formal atmosphere.

Another trend you guys should look out for is the aviator jacket, which combines comfort with a rugged style, and is also perfect for layer with almost anything, jeans and a tee, a tee and a skirt, a dress...the possibilties are endless!!
And that's my attempt at a fashion post..I really have to go now, so I hope you guys enjoyed!!
All my love and God's Blessings.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Buffeted Way Up High

Hey girlies!! I decided to something new to my blog, a weekly little survey thing called the Teen Girl's daybook...so next week I'll update you guys again! It's just something fun to do when I don't really have time to do a "proper" post...plus it's still intresting!!

Date... 11/1/10
Starting time... 6:46 p.m.
Mood... a bit dissatisfied, but otherwise okay with how things are going. Kind of like a balloon that's been soaring high...then suddenly it drops.
Outside my window... getting dark.
I'm thinking about... Whether I should edit some photos and put them on here just for ya'lls amusement.
I'm reading... Not really anything new...Flipped
I'm listining to... Washing Machine.
I'm wearing... my favorite jeans and a black long sleeve shirt with a black tank top underneath it.
Yesterday I... went to church
I'm excited for... not really anything in particular, oh YEAH now I remember..Friday it is supposed to snow!! I'm excited about that!! (Don't you just love how I remebered that mid-answer?? haha)
I'm sad because.. good times sometimes just can't STAY good!!
I'm hungry for... cinnamon buns.
The song stuck in my head is... I Ain't Gonna Miss You Now by ?
I want... completly clear skin, my own camera, and more time with my friends.
I love... my God for sticking with me even when I act and feel weird.
I loathe... I often care to much about what ppl think about me or how I look >:(
This week my goal is to... blast out of this kinda slump, take awesome pictures, and have an awesome time with my friends!
Did I meet last week's goal? I just started this so....
Ending time... 7:03 p.m.
So that's it!! I have to go now chicas, so have a good night and the rest of the week!!