Monday, November 1, 2010

Buffeted Way Up High

Hey girlies!! I decided to something new to my blog, a weekly little survey thing called the Teen Girl's next week I'll update you guys again! It's just something fun to do when I don't really have time to do a "proper" it's still intresting!!

Date... 11/1/10
Starting time... 6:46 p.m.
Mood... a bit dissatisfied, but otherwise okay with how things are going. Kind of like a balloon that's been soaring high...then suddenly it drops.
Outside my window... getting dark.
I'm thinking about... Whether I should edit some photos and put them on here just for ya'lls amusement.
I'm reading... Not really anything new...Flipped
I'm listining to... Washing Machine.
I'm wearing... my favorite jeans and a black long sleeve shirt with a black tank top underneath it.
Yesterday I... went to church
I'm excited for... not really anything in particular, oh YEAH now I remember..Friday it is supposed to snow!! I'm excited about that!! (Don't you just love how I remebered that mid-answer?? haha)
I'm sad because.. good times sometimes just can't STAY good!!
I'm hungry for... cinnamon buns.
The song stuck in my head is... I Ain't Gonna Miss You Now by ?
I want... completly clear skin, my own camera, and more time with my friends.
I love... my God for sticking with me even when I act and feel weird.
I loathe... I often care to much about what ppl think about me or how I look >:(
This week my goal is to... blast out of this kinda slump, take awesome pictures, and have an awesome time with my friends!
Did I meet last week's goal? I just started this so....
Ending time... 7:03 p.m.
So that's it!! I have to go now chicas, so have a good night and the rest of the week!!

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