Saturday, November 27, 2010

Who, Me? It Couldn't Be, mon Cheri...

Hello my lovely bloggerinas!!
First things first. The title? Yeah I have no idea where that came from. Popped into my mind, and I was like "Wow...that rhymed!!" and wrote it down. Such is the blessedness of randomness.
Second things second. I am dressed similarly to Demi Lovato today!! Have you all seen the Sonny With A Chance episode called 'Walk a Mile in My Shoes'? Well it's one of my favorite episodes because it's just hilarious. But towards the end of the episode, Demi is shown wearing a simple outfit of a yellow t-shirt with dark wash skinny jeans. Yup that's me today, except I am wearing dark thermal pants and a orange t-shirt BUT I do have a yellow shirt and dark wash skinny jeans in my room!!! I so admire Demi's I was so thrilled when I found out I have the same outfit as her ( even if it was an accident!!).
So. Third things third.
CrAZy pICturEs!!!
(yeah that whole switching caps thing annoys me too. heehee)

So I have always wanted to do that whole mustache tonight I finally did. Haha I felt like a stereotypical Italian pizza maker :)

Extreme happiness in nose-wrinkly form :) I can be giddy at times. This is photographic evidence.

I could not escape the power of the mustache. IT CONSUMED ME!!
(yeah. I'm hyper today)

(ignore the hair. It is night. my hair is unruly. I plead for mercy.)


My outfit I am wearing........

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