Monday, October 31, 2011


Had a poem lolling about in my head...decided to peep out into the real world :)


The light is too bright,
It cuts into her eyes,
Where is she?
Only known a world full of darkness,
Queit, soft and secure.
Now the air blows softly against her skin,
Her new found universe beckoning her in,
Just a child in a much too big world...

She grows lithe and limber,
Mind full of brightly reflecting rainbows,
A prism, scatering happiness wherever she goes...
Some of that innocence is broken,
She loses some of that young spark,
The green stem that supported her for so long,
A blinding mask,
A desire to fit in,
Incapacitates her in it's terrible grip.

Someday, somewhere,
There's gotta be a choice,
A way to put her foot down,
Just say that's enough,
She's done with her own limitations,
Her own failed design,
She can't try anymore or she'll lose her ever-lovin mind...

So he wraps wrapes her in his chrysalis,
Spins her into his silky security,
Never letting go no matter how hard she struggles,
Cause he knows it's for her best...
He won't let her walk that road alone,
He knows that time is hard,
Left in the dark and binding garb,
Wondering how she will emerge,
For the better or for worse?

Let her fly, let her soar,
Let her walk her steps,
She needs to grow up
And don't just leave it all to fortune and chance,
She'll work hard for every privledge,
She pleads to have,
A price tag is unwrapped...
DOn't let go of him who helped you fly,
Cherish the words he spoke in your mind,
DOn't waste a day of what, in the end,
Cannot be had, or held into...
HChose wisley my little one,
Before away you'll fly....

Friday, October 14, 2011

Let's Get To Know Each Other AKA As A Very Cool Question Thing

I got this froma girl's blog ..... :) But anyway she did this so i am going to also.

What is your blog address?
When you first saw the movie elf, did you think that the Mr. Narwhal was going to be a bad guy and eat Buddy?YES. Yes I did. But he didn't and now he's, like, my favorite character other than Buddy himself.
Do you have a preference between green and purple grapes?Purple grapes taste a whole lot better according to me.
Have you ever eaten Spam? Yes I have.
If so, do you like it? It's okay...not my favorite
What is your favorite day of the week? WEDNESDAY! I LOVE WEDNESDAYS!!!
Are you sick right now? Coughing snoriting sneezeing and not lovin it, So yes.
Nicknames are cool. Do you have one? I have several nickanames.... Tori, Hummingbird, Sweetheart, Tooter, Tora and Tia.
What did you eat for lunch? Peanut Butter Sandwhich and a glass of water.
What's your favorite school subject? Hmm... if I do well on math, probably that. But if I don't, than it's my least favorite subject.
Do you like acting?I used to act out any kind of book I read lol... and it was fun for a while. But I haven't done much acting other than that.
Do you like to color?Yes! Unfortunately I'm a horrible artist... but I do like to color!
Would you agree that Monday is the armpit of the week?YES. YESYESYES. That's a good way to describe it. :)
What's currently your FAVORITE blog? I don't really have an absolute favorite blog... I love every one I read! And I know that sounds like I'm just trying to be fair, but it's true. I read so many blogs I love that I could never pick a favorite!
Food that you could live off of? BREAD. I love bread.
Do you believe socks with the day of the week on them will become a new trend? Um... I don't really know! Probably not? I've haven't seen too many of them before... :)


Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Strings Attached

One of the most powerful sermons I have ever heard closed with these challenging words, "Why should we come to Jesus Christ? Not for our own benefit. We should honor and serve and love and give our lives to Jesus Christ even if we were to go to hell at the end of the road...because He is worthy!" (Paris Reidhead, Ten Shekels and a Shirt, )

It's amazing how the act of 'surrender' can become all about us. A woman once wrote me an e-mail expressing her hurt and confusion because she made a bargain with God -- "If I surrender my dreams of romance to You and live in purity, then I expect You to eventually write a beautiful love story to me." And since it hasn't happened yet, she feels that God has let her down.

Christ loved us without expecting us to love him in return. As he lay dying on the cross, those He had come to save were mocking and spitting in His face. Can we love Him the way He loved us? Can we surrender everything to Him without expecting anything in return?

I have discovered throughout my life that our Lord cares deeply about our dreams and desires of our heart, and He takes great joy in meeting them in His own perfect time and way. Surrendering to Him is not drudgery, but delight. As we abide in Him, He changes and shapes the desires of our heart to match with His desires for us. As it says in Psalms 37:4

Following His pattern doesn't leave us with a second-rate version of life on this earth, but far more glorious, beautiful, and fulfilled one. And yet, even though having the specific desires of our heart fulfilled is very often a byproduct of surrender to Christ, it cannot be our reason for poring out our all at His precious feet. Our reason must be passionate love for Him, with no strings attached.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Surrendering Even The Good Things

Hey everyone, first I just want to say i am terribly sorry for not posting in such a loooong time!!! And remember the book I won?? Well so far it is great it has taught me alot of things!!! The reason I haven't been on here in a while, is well, I have been extremely busy with school and just life in general oh and going on road trips lol!! But what I want to talk about today is surrendering even the good things.

The concept of trusting God to script our love story in His own perfect time, without manipulation on our part, is typically treated as ridiculous and naive in today's Christian world. The idea that everything--including the good dreams and hopes God has given us--must be surrendered back to Jesus Christ is often deemed extreme and unnecessary in modern Christianity. And shooing away mediocre men in order to wait for a man completely abandoned to God is viewed by many as a life long disappointment.

Many modern voices contend that since God obviously created marriage, and that marriage is clearly a good thing in Scripture, that we should not accept an extended season of singleness. They tell us we should view singleness as a curse of our society, not a purpose-filled opportunity from our loving Father.

But what is the pattern of the Gospel?

Christ said, "If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple." (Luke 14:26)

Paul said, "Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ." (Phil. 3:8)

Once upon a time, Christian me and women knew what it meant to lay down everything for the sake of Christ--including their desires for marriage and a family. Like Abraham surrendering Issac, they willing laid down there most sacred and priceless blessings upon the altar before God. They relized if He desired them to be married, He would make it clear in His own perfect time and way. But He must alwways come first, and He must always be implicity trusted. For some fresh information of this Bibical pattern, I encourage you to read some of the great love God-written love stories from the past, like Jim and Elisabeth Elliot (Passion and Purity), or Oswald and Bitty Chambers (Abandoned To God.) Stories such as these remind us that when Jesus Christ is in His rightful place, we dicover lasting true beauty and fullfillment. There is always unspeakable joy on the far side of surrender!