Sunday, July 8, 2012

Giveaway Alert!!!!

HEY!! You wanna here about an awesome giveaway? Well Simply Bold, is hosting a giveaway for a $50 gift card to Shabby Apple!!!!! I already entered!

Here is the url for it:  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mom's blog!

Hey everybody! I just wanted to make a quick post about my Mom's NEW blog! It's a blog about her and her life, but also her style! It's really neat. It's called  ~ Covered Girl ~ .... so here's the url: ... If you like it follow it. Also comment. Spread the word!

Well, what are you waiting for??? Go check it out! :) LOL!!!

Love, Victoria!!!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

things that make me smile :D

~Rainbows after a spring rain
~Gazing at the awesomeness of the night sky

~Christian concerts!

~Thoughts of graduation...mmm
~The feeling of getting into a heated car in the middle of winter
~Sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash onto the sand
~Super-late night conversations
~Laughing so hard it hurts
~The little moments of warmth from the sunshine on a breezy day
~Sitting in a hammock swing with a good book on a sunny afternoon ;)

~The sound of waterfalls
~Inside jokes!
~MR PERSCH!! (refer to last)
~When someone plays with your hair :D
~Cotton candy skies
~Finding money in your pockets
~Packing bags to go somewhere exciting
~Jesus music!
~Singing insanely loud and ridicously in the car
~Cherished memories that you wouldn't trade for anything
~Bare feet on grass :)
~That nervy "I'm gonna puke" feeling. The good version!!! Hahha
~Laying on the trampoline (safe, away from bugs), looking at the stars
~British accents. Awe yeah.
~Screaming and laughing hysterically when bats decide to take a sip of the pool at night
~Dreams you don't want to wake up from
~Making forts out of blankets and pillows :D
~The way Forrest says "Jenny"
~"As you wish"
~Chocolate cereal! Duh
~Pushing the little buttons on a soft drink lid
~Orange Tic-Tacs
~Biting the heads off of animal-shaped food. Heh heh.
~Popping bubble-wrap!
~That feeling of accomplishment you get when you've just carried something heavy (despite the immense physical pain you're now in)
~Boys with blue eyes ;)
~Blue eyes in general...
~Putting olives on your fingers and eating them one by one!
~Disney princes :D
~When someone gives you a nickname you actually like
~Waking up in a good mood
~The 24-pack of Sharpies :D
~Knowing you'll see him again someday
~Blankets that just came out of the dryer!
~"If you're a bird,I'm a bird..."
~Seeing someone you've missed
~Making shapes out of clouds
~Mark Hall's voice. Don't know what it sounds like? Look it up :D
~Love songs :)
~Big brothers; both biological and not ;)
~Watching the world come back to life after a long winter
~Handwritten letters
~Newborn puppies. Newborn babies. Newborn kittens. Newborn anything! But not bugs.No, never bugs.
~Blowing bubbles
~The smell of fresh cut grass
~Catching lightning bugs
~The moment you realize you're OLDER than some of the American Idol contestants?!?!
~Talking animals. Heh heh
~Irish accents
~"Don't let the balloon touch the ground!!"
~Seeing an old couple holding hands
~That feeling when you wake up, and the horrible, horrible sunburn you had doesn't hurt anymore. Ah.
~The feel of a really smooth pen on paper
~Discovering new music
~Getting woken up in spring by birds singing :)
~Getting to know another person's tones of voice and facial expressions.
~Burnt marshmallows!!
~Songs that tell a story
~Being home alone and belting out random songs as you go throughout the house
~Chocolate-covered strawberries
~Singing for Jesus :D
~Spontaneously, yet casually, jumping into the pool at night when you're already in your pj's :D
~Purple pen ink
~ Competitve Easter egg hunting Heh heh
~The smell of books!
~Laughter through tears
~The way the sky is a million colors when the sun is setting
~The one-eyebrow lift :D
~Those moments in the middle of the night when EVERYTHING is hysterically funny
~Holding a newborn baby.
~Those nights when the moon is so bright, you can literally see everything.
~Happy endings! :)

(This list is mostly my own with a little help from some friends here and there. Enjoy!)