Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tralalaaa Anniversary!! :)

Guess what guys? It's my 336th post!!! I knew this excited occasion had to be celebrated with some lovely pictures and joy to all!!
Yes. I am hyper and happy.
Why you ask? Why oh mistress of crazy straight hair and a fondness of oatmeal raisen cookies, why are you happy and hyper?
I finally had something pretty to take pictures of yesterday:

I love the lighting on this. And it is pretty isn't it? *sigh* I love being able to post pictures again
Have an AWWWESOME rest of the week!!


Friday, February 25, 2011


Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know I can know post pictures I will as soon as possible!!! Thanks RAchel!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The World Is Just Purple :)

Hey girls!!
First of do you like my blog design?? I love it sooo much, I love how it turned out!!I wanted a spring feel...and yes, it is only Febuary, but in Georgia,that means spring is almost here, and it usally explodes into bloom in March!! I really can't wait for it too get here, for the flowers to peep out and the grass to turn green, and all the leaves to come out fresh and brilliantly green.
Second of all...I am RATHER excited because last night I got the idea to do a fashion post about proms!! :P Fun, huh? So all sorts of promy things have been swirling around in my noggin...with the dresses and everything.
The reason for th title? I had pictures all planned out with purple prom dresses..but blogger still won't let me post pictures!! I mean I will upload them and then when it gets on the page it will just show the html code of the pictures!! ANyone know what's up with that? Well I will just tell you about proms....first of all I am not old enough for a prom..but some of my followers are that's why I am doing this!!

While it was a cute dress and EXTREMELY cheap (20 bucks from Ross)it was kind of clingy and had a tendincey to ride much leg showin while your on the dance floor!! Besides black is a bit dull, though classy, and you need something more cheerful this year.
Although I probably wouldn't go for a strapless dress myself.

I love a certain shade of purple (I would show you but I can't!!) I think a satin dress would look pretty.

If I wore a long can't be too full, because proms are always full of swing dancing and the like, so there's alot of moving and not too much room for huge skirts.

If I wore one mine would probably be like this, bright purple, shorter, satiny,and pretty plain, I don't like the dresses with alot of tulle or sequins and stiching all over the place.

Some of these dresses that I had pictures of were found at guys may have heard more about prom dresses then you wanted too in this post..but I was excited to do this :)
I would tell about hair but oh well...I can't post pictures!!

Do you know I have never dyed my hair? The only thing I have done is highlights!! Always been scared it would turn out horrible if I dyed my hair...isn't that silly?
Haha, anyways I will be staying my natural blonde self for the time being.
Anyways, I am popping the prom dream bubble so you guys don't get bored...moving on to real life!
I'm also super excited cause this weekend I am going to Cades Cove in Tennesee :)
It's a really beautiful place..there is bear and deer also there is elk!! :)

FACE UPDATE: Lookin pretty good, have picked a tiny bit, and was immediately irritated. So that's my mind in a nutshell...prom and Cades Cove! Fun, huh?
Have an awesome rest of the week!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

American Honey by Lady Antebellum lyrics


A Poem

OH I forgot to mention there would be music too :) That is below this post!
It's my new favorite song...and reminds me alot of myself.
TO the poem. (Which was not written by me it was from someones blog.)


There's a joy
And a fear
All mixed up
And drawin near,
She don't know which way to run,
Or if she should just stay,
And wait for the world,
to shatter and blow,
The dreams she harbored,
Lost in the sphere,
Of broken hearts,
Lost in time,
Maybe if she closes her eyes,
It'll disappear,
Stop haunting her thoughts,
like a cold twilight wind,
Cutting throught the warming sunlight,
the invisible fear.

If she left town,
Would it solve her problems,
She can't just leave,
His face behind,
The words he said,
She memorized,
You can't run away,
From what's branded on your heart,
She says she's
Strong enough,
To be alone,
She won't suffer,
So why does she sit before,
That florescent screen,
Scanning the words,
Hoping to see his name,
And when he says hello,
She answers right back,
Can't run away,
From someone your runnin after...

She knows it can't
Possibly end well,
But she can't help the joy she felt,
When he said those words,
Of affirmation,
The promise of love...
Why does life,
Have to hem her in,
Like a spider to a fly,
She's caught in the web,
Her wings tied down,
Can't fly,
She walked in,
But can't walk out.
It's a blue blue sky,
sometimes covered by clouds,
Then a ray peaks through,
and lights up her world,
She can't let go,
Of those moments of happiness,
More then she ever dreamed,
Could ever be.

It's just another typical,
Love song,
That'll probably end,
In a broken heart,
She never understood before,
Why they bothered,
To risk the love,
When the break was so near,
Now she knows it's so hard,
To resist that light,
That one glimpse of that dream comin true...
That maybe the one you dream of,
Dreams of you,
Can't just let go,
Like no strings are attached,
When her heartstrings,
Keep pullin her back...

So that's the poem...hope you guys like it!
Have an AWESOME saturday!!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Love is Confusing

Hey girls! It's a beautiful Friday afternoon, and I have been in the car all day! Went and picked up my Dad, and went to go eat, and then dropped off my Dad. I want to get my hair cut. I want to get my bangs cut and trim my split-ends, and then curl it up all cute like. When I do I will post pictures.

But of course I didn't start this post to talk about my hair (wouldn't that be crazy!~ But the topic at hand--my confusion lately with boys, and other things, but mainly boys :)
And I mean, who CAN'T realate to that? Boys are highly confusing creatures, sometimes horribly obvious, sometimes so clammed up you have n idea what's going on in their heads.
Lately it's not really been romantic problems with guys...just argh-ish things with guys in general, mainly my guy friends.
They are my friends--an when they are around they are fun to be around. At church. They make church fun--they are funny and goofy and easy to joke around with.
They can also be incredibly caring, they can be supportive, extremely funny.
I have an outgoing nature that tends to be a bit funny and witty, and since most guys I know are like that too, I tend to get along with them well. :)
That's the good things about them...the things that make me love them as bros and love to hang out with them. But gets confusing.
Like when your friend keeps staring at you,and your thinkin...maybe he wants to be more then just friends.
That's my current agravattion...yes, that has happened to me by my guy friends...and I'm like what???
I don't mind...I mean I like all those guys as friends,and find i flattering that they do that,but nothing is never really SAID.
They just do the above things...and that leaves me having no idea WHAT to think.
I just try to act normal, but it all gets complicated you know? You start expecting those little flattering gestures, but you don't know if you actually like the guy...I mean of course you like them, but LIKE like them? I don't know.
Then of course, they don't make it easy as all that.
It would be less complicated if they acted like that all the time, then I could draw an educated guess, "okay, he stares at me all the time, so he must like me."
Yeah but they don't do it all the time. Very rare they do.
I wish it would be consistent, but it isn't, and that's what makes me confused.
I wish i could forget about it, and be normal with the guys, and usally I am, but sometimes it's hard to ignore. And sometimes I don't want to ignore it, if that make sense. Those guys are my friends, but it's one of those awkward things where your friend's with someone,but are slightly attracted to them anyways.
So, I'm slightly attracted to some of those guys, so when they pa attention to me, it makes me happy.
I guess I just have to wait and see...but isn't it frustrating?
I hope I'm not just raaaaaaaambling on and on about my problems and you guys have no idea what's going on...that would be embarasing, but hey, it's been on my mind, I thought I'd like to share it. :)

I don't day hasn't been to awesome,I mean, it was okay, just not great, I hope ya'lls friday was great. :)
Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eep :) Sunny Days

So I realize I totally missed that essential Valentine's Day post. You know the one, where every blogger on here writes about love and the special meaning it has, and how lucky they are to be loved, or how they are waiting for their Prince Charming...yeah, that one.
I must confess, I totally forgot to write a post on Valentine's Day. Not very feminine of me, I know, but my whole family has been busy, so we haven't really felt like celebrating...or eating tons of chocolate, as sad that is to say.
Besides, Valentines has never been that important to me anyway...and that's not just because I don't have a boyfriend.
All the red and white and lace and teddy bears have never really struck a chord with me. I like holidays like CHristmas alot better, because they are so much more meaningful.
Valentine's Day, with it's chocolate, little puppies on cheap cards, that box of chocolates, and the slightly nauseating dyed pink carnations never meant that much to me.
Okay, maybe I'm missing the "deeper meaning"--I mean it's a whole holiday to celebrate love! Even that doesn't move me. Why should there be a special holiday for love? We should be showing our love for each other everyday, not just on Febuary 14but I know alot of people like it and find it really special and meaningful...I just don't, really, and that's just me;)

Of course I have more to talk aout other then just simply venting about the uselesness about Valentine's Day, don't I?
Of course I do. I'm sure I had a topic all planned out...I must have simply lost it outside because that's where I have been all day.
You would not believe what I am wearing right now. Short tank top dress. Leggings. T-shirt. In Febuary.
It's totally awesome, totally warm, and i am totally getting a head start on tanning :)
I mean, life has been pretty sweet so far, just doing school, and being's just been normal life, well as normal as life with me can ever be :)
And I really do love my life. Sometimes I complain, but really, what do i have to complain about? I have an awesome family with amazing parents, amazingly supporitive and hilarious friends, both guys and girls....that is a recipe for one very happy Victoria.
Since I don't have a huge amount of drama in my life to write inspiring novels about...or pictures to dazzle you with...I shall sweeten your ears with music. Enjoy!! :)
Taylor Swift...I actually like this song ALOT :)
Mindy Smith..does she not have a divine voice? It's just gorgeous
Taylor Swift again...because this song is funny :) "gown shaped like a pastry"...gotta love Taylor Swift

Yeah alot of country up here...hope ya likes it!!


Monday, February 14, 2011


Life Is Too Short Not to Wear Red Shoes is having a giveaway for tons of cool stuff!!! Hurry on over it ends the 21st!!! It is on my sidebar

Wind Whispers the Past

Hey girls...sorry it's been a few days since the last and all takes a bit out of you, so i thought a vaction was in order :)
The reason for the title? The fact that lately I have been longing for ten.Maybe eleven. One of those wonderful ages where the whole world is open to your imagination, and nothing is s wonderful to go outside and make up stories. I would literally go out to the woods and my playhouse (which is now a hang-out area.) and play ANYTHING. Indians, Egyptians and Hebrews, Pioneers, runaway slaves, orphans who were cast away by their relatives...anything I could make a story out of, I did. My bike was a horse, and I could make a doll out of thick grass, bricks from mud, and a hideaway fort.
Those were the days when i did not feel the crushing burden of selfconsciousness which drops it's self on every teenager, I simply lived.
I do not wish to go back to the ignorance I had back then, I do beleive I am alot wiser now..just innosense and imagination.
I do miss it.
The days where the woods were my only refuge...
The feilds were my second home...
My dreams higher then trees...
I was free...
Can't say I'm sad....
Doesn't mean i can't miss it...
The way things were before...
:) That's the story.
Now I shall go look at other blogs.
Hope you girls have a awesome Monday, have a awesome week!!! :)


Friday, February 11, 2011

I am Christ's Valentine!!!

I'm sorry Blogger still won't let me upload pics right now!!! But I will be Christ's Valentine until my Prince Charming comes!!

The url to this is:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Mom's Blog

Hey everyone go check out my Mom's blog...she is still working on it!! So comment and follow if you it is: Thanks!!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hey, Hey, Hey it's....not Fat Albert.

Hey girls!

How was ya'lls weekend? Did you guys enjoy the superbowl? I didn't even watch it!! LOL
As for an update on my life, it's basically been like this:


Wonderful, right? I'm trying really hard to do better in Math.
Esthetician's school it is now one of my ambitions, because literally, I am all over skincare.
Speaking of skincare, I'll give you a green tea and skin care routine update.
It's been working okay, one thing I've been noticing is I do get some zits...but only in the places where I had popped a zit a few days before. I'm not getting NEW zits, just what I deserve for popping other zits. So I'm waiting on those to fade away, and it's teaching me a lesson about not popping zits, which is one I really needed to learn.
It's weird, it's like you HAVE to do know you shouldn't but you can't help yourself.
So it's really a big relief to me, to have some major motivation to stop picking.
I've been trying to wear as little make-up as possible, but right now I only have like three zits I'm slightly worried about...the rest are just really small ones that you can barely see.

I don't want to try to many remedies at once, just gonna stick with the green tea and my routine,(see post Could It Be Magic? In January, that describes my regular routine), but other girls who are fighting acne are using an asprin mask.
It was even recommended in the Susie Magazine, for Christian Girls (link: ) as a treatment for acne, I'm looking at reviews at, and so far people have liked it, just don't use it every day, as your skin will become immune to it.
Just crush up or dissolve a couple of asprin, mix it with honey or something to make the mask stick, and apply it to the zit. As in the case with any acne remedy, it will take a little while to work, so be patient...and if it doesn't work, let me know, I'm trying to learn as much as I can about this stuff!

Sorry about the lack of photography posts...there just hasn't been much to take pictures of. Everything outside is dead, and we don't have any pretty snow to take pictures I've been super busy with school,and different stuff. So forgive my lack of soon as something note worthy comes up to take a picture of, I will and I will post it too.

So that's my newsy news for today Darlins...have an awesome week!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

My happy collage of happiness :P

I'm sorry I did have pictures to upload..but Blogger won't let me upload them!!! It was a collage of things that make me happy :) It was so much fun making it at you should definately go there and make one of your own...about any topic really. SO I will jus tell you what makes me happy:

Strawberries....I could literally eat those things all day. My Mom has to make me stop eating it. I am SO not joking...I love that stuff more then any person ever should.

Esthetician....Ahh I am so excited!!! :)

Then of course, My Mom's camera, My dog, Me making my "obese face"...I had "anorexic face" too...but I deleted it by mistake!! Mann I have fun!! :)
Anyways, those are some of the things that make me super collage form!!

The only drawback of doing alot of posts is after a run out of news about yourself. Nothing really new, just doing the same old stuff and having a pretty good Monday, had a great church service last night, so that made me happy. :)
Enjoy your week girlies!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh the little sparklies in life :)

Hey girlies!
First of all..thank you so much for the response to my last guys have no idea how much that encouraged me :) I know I shouldn't be looking to other people's approval and affirmation for my self-esteem, or to decided what I should and shouldn't do, but sometimes it really helps to get a little pick-me-up, and you girls did a beautiful job at that so thank you!!
So. My sparklies today? (What is a sparklie you may ask? Something that makes your day a little more twinkly and happy of course!!)
So. Twinkly sparkly thing number one?
The fact that I am goign to get a new phone!!! *hallelujah*

Second Sparkly:
My friends, and my future special somebody :) That's enough to make me sparkle EVERY day!!!

Something I could ask your prayer for?
My prayer life. It is ironic, but lately I find myself drifting farther and farther away, and it's scaring me. I don't want to become one of those materilistic christian-in-name only people. I want to be DEEP in the Lord, on fire for God. And right now, I'm kind of well you know....anyways, I need prayer for that's been hard.

Have an AMAZZZZING weekend!!
All my love and GOd's Blessings,

Friday, February 4, 2011

Reaching Out

Hey girls,
I know, two posts in one day, that's pretty extravagant.
But something is really on my mind. Am I doing something wrong as a blogger? Am I boring? I try really hard not to be, I try to post often too, but it's hard. Is it because I don't focus on photography?
Because I never said this was going to be a photography blog, I said from the beginning that it would be a hodgepodge of different things. If you guys want to see more of one topic then the other, please tell me!I'll be happy to write on whatever intrests you guys!
It's just that I try really hard to be a good blogger and when I seem to lose readers and no one comments on my stuff I work hard on, it's discouraging.
You may not think about it, but the only way a blogger knows you read and enjoyed her post is by commenting.
I've tried to do my best, obviously I can't please everybody, but unless you girls tell me what to change or what I'm doing wrong, I can't grow as a blogger.
If you guys are dissatisfied, please tell me why, because silence isn't telling me anything.
And because not everyody that reads me,follows me, so i have no idea how big my readership is. Could all those who can follow me, do so, so i can know what wonderful girls I am writing too?
That would mean alot to me.
I'm sorry if this sounds whiny..but I've been at this blogging business for around two years and I only have 27 followers...and I love each and every one of you!! I try not to let it get me down, but it's really discouraging as a writer. I don't know if anyone's reading....well I do cause I have a fejit thing on the sidebar, but I want to know what you think about my blog and my post please.

Anyways, that's just something that's been weighing on my mind lately.
The other thing I wanted to write about was my previous blogpost, I mentioned my idea of maybe wanting to become a dermatologist,however, as I thought of it, I half intrested in science and biology enough to go to med school.
However, I am still passionate about skin care and helping people look and feel there best. From the time when I was little I have been fasinated with skin and make-up, stuff like that. I have loved doing makeovers to my friends and family, they say I have an instinct for it.
Well, as I was researching careers in skin care, I came across the job esthetician.
A fancy sounding name, but esintially, it means a skin care technician, who helps others with their skin, and might also do make-up jobs, massage therapy, and that kind of thing.
Now I don't plan on working full time my whole life. I do want to get married and have children, but being an esthetician is a quite flexable job, you can either work from home or finda a spa or some other place to work.
I'm not saying this is definately what I have decided to do, but
skin care is something I am extremely passionate about...why not pursue it as a career?
I know I've been writing a novel here practiacally...But these are the things on my mind, PLEASE let me know what you think. It would mean the world to me.

Maybe I'm finally going Green...

Hey girls!

A quick update on my ongoing acne\skincare log and some new info that could help!
Well, this past week, it's been pretty darn rough. My face was like 'gahhhh I hate you!!'

Anyways *offtopic* so, yeah, this week was pretty rough acne wise.
And Daggonit...I picked. I know, I know, I'm HATING myself for it right now, but I hate looking at pimples...I would rather look at a scab, I really would.
Hypocritical of me, I know. It's a well known fact that the more you pick, the worse it is, and I agree with that. It's just a bad habit I have to break.Ugh.
But I continued with my routine, using my daily moisterizer when I get dry as paper, and of course I'm always researching things that work, and what the majoity of people like.
I have been mainly focusing on natural supplements, I really don't want to put anymore chemicals on my face.

One thing I cam across tonight that I hadn't heard before was green tea as an acne aide. There were many extremely positive reviews for green tea as an aide on, both as a drink, to help acne from the inside out,and applied topically.
Basically, many people have said that green tea is extremely good for you,filled with vitamins and antioxidants, that help flush out impurities, aide bodily functions, and even help you lose weight, and many people have found that it really helps skin problems too.
Most people have said that the most affective way of using green tea for acne is to drink, 1-3 cups a day on DECAF green tea. Caffenine is bad for your skin, and will make you break out more, so make sure it is decaffinated green tea. Now green tea has a pretty strong and unpleasent taste, so I am going to add a couple spoonfuls of honey, when i do get some green tea at the store next time.

Also, the tea can be applied topically, kind of like a toner, either by rubbing the tea bag, wet, of course, on your face, or even splashing your face with the tea.
I'll do another update in a week, I will have some green tea by then, and I'll let you know how it's working.

I'm not sure I can drink 1-3 cups of that stuff a day...I am not really that much of a drinker, which probably isn't a good thing, but that's how I am.
I hate the sloshy feeling of having so much water inside you. I drink..just definately as not as much as I'm supposed too. Maybe I'll try to work on that.
So that's something new I came across, and I'm excited that it's so easy,cheap, and all natural. I will definately keep you guys posted.

All my love, and God's Blessings Victoria <3