Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hey, Hey, Hey it's....not Fat Albert.

Hey girls!

How was ya'lls weekend? Did you guys enjoy the superbowl? I didn't even watch it!! LOL
As for an update on my life, it's basically been like this:


Wonderful, right? I'm trying really hard to do better in Math.
Esthetician's school it is now one of my ambitions, because literally, I am all over skincare.
Speaking of skincare, I'll give you a green tea and skin care routine update.
It's been working okay, one thing I've been noticing is I do get some zits...but only in the places where I had popped a zit a few days before. I'm not getting NEW zits, just what I deserve for popping other zits. So I'm waiting on those to fade away, and it's teaching me a lesson about not popping zits, which is one I really needed to learn.
It's weird, it's like you HAVE to do know you shouldn't but you can't help yourself.
So it's really a big relief to me, to have some major motivation to stop picking.
I've been trying to wear as little make-up as possible, but right now I only have like three zits I'm slightly worried about...the rest are just really small ones that you can barely see.

I don't want to try to many remedies at once, just gonna stick with the green tea and my routine,(see post Could It Be Magic? In January, that describes my regular routine), but other girls who are fighting acne are using an asprin mask.
It was even recommended in the Susie Magazine, for Christian Girls (link: ) as a treatment for acne, I'm looking at reviews at, and so far people have liked it, just don't use it every day, as your skin will become immune to it.
Just crush up or dissolve a couple of asprin, mix it with honey or something to make the mask stick, and apply it to the zit. As in the case with any acne remedy, it will take a little while to work, so be patient...and if it doesn't work, let me know, I'm trying to learn as much as I can about this stuff!

Sorry about the lack of photography posts...there just hasn't been much to take pictures of. Everything outside is dead, and we don't have any pretty snow to take pictures I've been super busy with school,and different stuff. So forgive my lack of soon as something note worthy comes up to take a picture of, I will and I will post it too.

So that's my newsy news for today Darlins...have an awesome week!!!

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