Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The World Is Just Purple :)

Hey girls!!
First of do you like my blog design?? I love it sooo much, I love how it turned out!!I wanted a spring feel...and yes, it is only Febuary, but in Georgia,that means spring is almost here, and it usally explodes into bloom in March!! I really can't wait for it too get here, for the flowers to peep out and the grass to turn green, and all the leaves to come out fresh and brilliantly green.
Second of all...I am RATHER excited because last night I got the idea to do a fashion post about proms!! :P Fun, huh? So all sorts of promy things have been swirling around in my noggin...with the dresses and everything.
The reason for th title? I had pictures all planned out with purple prom dresses..but blogger still won't let me post pictures!! I mean I will upload them and then when it gets on the page it will just show the html code of the pictures!! ANyone know what's up with that? Well I will just tell you about proms....first of all I am not old enough for a prom..but some of my followers are that's why I am doing this!!

While it was a cute dress and EXTREMELY cheap (20 bucks from Ross)it was kind of clingy and had a tendincey to ride much leg showin while your on the dance floor!! Besides black is a bit dull, though classy, and you need something more cheerful this year.
Although I probably wouldn't go for a strapless dress myself.

I love a certain shade of purple (I would show you but I can't!!) I think a satin dress would look pretty.

If I wore a long can't be too full, because proms are always full of swing dancing and the like, so there's alot of moving and not too much room for huge skirts.

If I wore one mine would probably be like this, bright purple, shorter, satiny,and pretty plain, I don't like the dresses with alot of tulle or sequins and stiching all over the place.

Some of these dresses that I had pictures of were found at guys may have heard more about prom dresses then you wanted too in this post..but I was excited to do this :)
I would tell about hair but oh well...I can't post pictures!!

Do you know I have never dyed my hair? The only thing I have done is highlights!! Always been scared it would turn out horrible if I dyed my hair...isn't that silly?
Haha, anyways I will be staying my natural blonde self for the time being.
Anyways, I am popping the prom dream bubble so you guys don't get bored...moving on to real life!
I'm also super excited cause this weekend I am going to Cades Cove in Tennesee :)
It's a really beautiful place..there is bear and deer also there is elk!! :)

FACE UPDATE: Lookin pretty good, have picked a tiny bit, and was immediately irritated. So that's my mind in a nutshell...prom and Cades Cove! Fun, huh?
Have an awesome rest of the week!


  1. There's two things near the top of where you write your post, one "Edit HTML" and the other "Compose", click on the compose and you should be able to see the pictures. Hope that helps!