Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Poem

OH I forgot to mention there would be music too :) That is below this post!
It's my new favorite song...and reminds me alot of myself.
TO the poem. (Which was not written by me it was from someones blog.)


There's a joy
And a fear
All mixed up
And drawin near,
She don't know which way to run,
Or if she should just stay,
And wait for the world,
to shatter and blow,
The dreams she harbored,
Lost in the sphere,
Of broken hearts,
Lost in time,
Maybe if she closes her eyes,
It'll disappear,
Stop haunting her thoughts,
like a cold twilight wind,
Cutting throught the warming sunlight,
the invisible fear.

If she left town,
Would it solve her problems,
She can't just leave,
His face behind,
The words he said,
She memorized,
You can't run away,
From what's branded on your heart,
She says she's
Strong enough,
To be alone,
She won't suffer,
So why does she sit before,
That florescent screen,
Scanning the words,
Hoping to see his name,
And when he says hello,
She answers right back,
Can't run away,
From someone your runnin after...

She knows it can't
Possibly end well,
But she can't help the joy she felt,
When he said those words,
Of affirmation,
The promise of love...
Why does life,
Have to hem her in,
Like a spider to a fly,
She's caught in the web,
Her wings tied down,
Can't fly,
She walked in,
But can't walk out.
It's a blue blue sky,
sometimes covered by clouds,
Then a ray peaks through,
and lights up her world,
She can't let go,
Of those moments of happiness,
More then she ever dreamed,
Could ever be.

It's just another typical,
Love song,
That'll probably end,
In a broken heart,
She never understood before,
Why they bothered,
To risk the love,
When the break was so near,
Now she knows it's so hard,
To resist that light,
That one glimpse of that dream comin true...
That maybe the one you dream of,
Dreams of you,
Can't just let go,
Like no strings are attached,
When her heartstrings,
Keep pullin her back...

So that's the poem...hope you guys like it!
Have an AWESOME saturday!!



  1. Hey, just stopping by your blog... great poem here!

  2. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

    And thanks!