Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eep :) Sunny Days

So I realize I totally missed that essential Valentine's Day post. You know the one, where every blogger on here writes about love and the special meaning it has, and how lucky they are to be loved, or how they are waiting for their Prince Charming...yeah, that one.
I must confess, I totally forgot to write a post on Valentine's Day. Not very feminine of me, I know, but my whole family has been busy, so we haven't really felt like celebrating...or eating tons of chocolate, as sad that is to say.
Besides, Valentines has never been that important to me anyway...and that's not just because I don't have a boyfriend.
All the red and white and lace and teddy bears have never really struck a chord with me. I like holidays like CHristmas alot better, because they are so much more meaningful.
Valentine's Day, with it's chocolate, little puppies on cheap cards, that box of chocolates, and the slightly nauseating dyed pink carnations never meant that much to me.
Okay, maybe I'm missing the "deeper meaning"--I mean it's a whole holiday to celebrate love! Even that doesn't move me. Why should there be a special holiday for love? We should be showing our love for each other everyday, not just on Febuary 14but I know alot of people like it and find it really special and meaningful...I just don't, really, and that's just me;)

Of course I have more to talk aout other then just simply venting about the uselesness about Valentine's Day, don't I?
Of course I do. I'm sure I had a topic all planned out...I must have simply lost it outside because that's where I have been all day.
You would not believe what I am wearing right now. Short tank top dress. Leggings. T-shirt. In Febuary.
It's totally awesome, totally warm, and i am totally getting a head start on tanning :)
I mean, life has been pretty sweet so far, just doing school, and being's just been normal life, well as normal as life with me can ever be :)
And I really do love my life. Sometimes I complain, but really, what do i have to complain about? I have an awesome family with amazing parents, amazingly supporitive and hilarious friends, both guys and girls....that is a recipe for one very happy Victoria.
Since I don't have a huge amount of drama in my life to write inspiring novels about...or pictures to dazzle you with...I shall sweeten your ears with music. Enjoy!! :)
Taylor Swift...I actually like this song ALOT :)
Mindy Smith..does she not have a divine voice? It's just gorgeous
Taylor Swift again...because this song is funny :) "gown shaped like a pastry"...gotta love Taylor Swift

Yeah alot of country up here...hope ya likes it!!



  1. I love "Speak Now"!! Great song ;) Great post, too :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. I know I heard it on your blog and i ws like I have to post Speak Now on mine also!!! Thanks!!

    I love it when people comment and follow!! You are the one who comments most and I LOVE that!!