Friday, February 18, 2011

Love is Confusing

Hey girls! It's a beautiful Friday afternoon, and I have been in the car all day! Went and picked up my Dad, and went to go eat, and then dropped off my Dad. I want to get my hair cut. I want to get my bangs cut and trim my split-ends, and then curl it up all cute like. When I do I will post pictures.

But of course I didn't start this post to talk about my hair (wouldn't that be crazy!~ But the topic at hand--my confusion lately with boys, and other things, but mainly boys :)
And I mean, who CAN'T realate to that? Boys are highly confusing creatures, sometimes horribly obvious, sometimes so clammed up you have n idea what's going on in their heads.
Lately it's not really been romantic problems with guys...just argh-ish things with guys in general, mainly my guy friends.
They are my friends--an when they are around they are fun to be around. At church. They make church fun--they are funny and goofy and easy to joke around with.
They can also be incredibly caring, they can be supportive, extremely funny.
I have an outgoing nature that tends to be a bit funny and witty, and since most guys I know are like that too, I tend to get along with them well. :)
That's the good things about them...the things that make me love them as bros and love to hang out with them. But gets confusing.
Like when your friend keeps staring at you,and your thinkin...maybe he wants to be more then just friends.
That's my current agravattion...yes, that has happened to me by my guy friends...and I'm like what???
I don't mind...I mean I like all those guys as friends,and find i flattering that they do that,but nothing is never really SAID.
They just do the above things...and that leaves me having no idea WHAT to think.
I just try to act normal, but it all gets complicated you know? You start expecting those little flattering gestures, but you don't know if you actually like the guy...I mean of course you like them, but LIKE like them? I don't know.
Then of course, they don't make it easy as all that.
It would be less complicated if they acted like that all the time, then I could draw an educated guess, "okay, he stares at me all the time, so he must like me."
Yeah but they don't do it all the time. Very rare they do.
I wish it would be consistent, but it isn't, and that's what makes me confused.
I wish i could forget about it, and be normal with the guys, and usally I am, but sometimes it's hard to ignore. And sometimes I don't want to ignore it, if that make sense. Those guys are my friends, but it's one of those awkward things where your friend's with someone,but are slightly attracted to them anyways.
So, I'm slightly attracted to some of those guys, so when they pa attention to me, it makes me happy.
I guess I just have to wait and see...but isn't it frustrating?
I hope I'm not just raaaaaaaambling on and on about my problems and you guys have no idea what's going on...that would be embarasing, but hey, it's been on my mind, I thought I'd like to share it. :)

I don't day hasn't been to awesome,I mean, it was okay, just not great, I hope ya'lls friday was great. :)
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. ahhh I just wrote a long good comment and my browser crashed! :/ ugghhh! oh well, the main thing I said was, to pray and ask God that things would become clear! guys (really men in general) can be so hard to understand and confusing!

    hope you are having a good weekend :)

  2. Hi samarah,

    OH know I hate that your browser crashed!!

    Thanks, I am going to start asking God to make things clear!! They can be hard to understand and I hate that!!! OH well....thanks for undrestanding and commenting!!