Monday, February 7, 2011

My happy collage of happiness :P

I'm sorry I did have pictures to upload..but Blogger won't let me upload them!!! It was a collage of things that make me happy :) It was so much fun making it at you should definately go there and make one of your own...about any topic really. SO I will jus tell you what makes me happy:

Strawberries....I could literally eat those things all day. My Mom has to make me stop eating it. I am SO not joking...I love that stuff more then any person ever should.

Esthetician....Ahh I am so excited!!! :)

Then of course, My Mom's camera, My dog, Me making my "obese face"...I had "anorexic face" too...but I deleted it by mistake!! Mann I have fun!! :)
Anyways, those are some of the things that make me super collage form!!

The only drawback of doing alot of posts is after a run out of news about yourself. Nothing really new, just doing the same old stuff and having a pretty good Monday, had a great church service last night, so that made me happy. :)
Enjoy your week girlies!

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