Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunshine and "Hello"s :D

Alright, Summer will be here very soon...it already feels like summer, so therefore I will call it summer! The trees outside my window are bathed in golden sunlight; The birds are out singing their melodies, fitting from tree to tree; The air is HOT, forcing thoughts of swimming pools and orange popsicles to enter my mind (that's right, orange. It's the best!). A friend of mine once said "Sunny days are like a big warm hug from God". How awesome is that?? Well, anyways. Here in lovely GA, nature is living up to it's own little day...and it's living up to it beautifully.

So, I suppose I should give you a little update about me (since I haven't been on here in a while) eh? Simple enough.

Hello there! My name is Victoria. I'm 14 years old, but I'm not your typical American teenager...in fact, I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong generation. I'm a poet, a singer, a dreamer, a wisher, a thinker... I have so much hope and faith that it freaks people out sometimes. Music is therapy to me...But above all else, I am truly falling in love with my Jesus more and more everyday. I go against the grain of this world...and live for the day when I'll finally get to meet Him face to face. :)

I'm doing this because I'm kinda starting over on this blog, I will still have all my old posts on here. But, I just need a fresh start to do better on this blog. It will be more me, my personality written for the world to see. :) I hope y'all will still like my blog. I love all of my followers. I'm starting over on this blog simply because I love to write! I'm not a brilliant writer, not even close. But I don't love it any less. SO in this blog, you'll basically be getting a preview of my thoughts, along with some creative writing here and there. But overall, I can hopefully some of the passion I have for my one true love, Jesus Christ. In these past few months, he has become incredibly important to me...He has, and still is, changing me from the inside out. I have thought of a new blog maybe. If I do, it will be in the future. I would title it: Everything Is Different. Because everything truly is different, now that I've really found my Jesus. So along with my random thoughts and ramblings, maybe I can help you to see Jesus as I see him. :D