Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long Belated...

Hey girlies!
How do you gus like the new blog design? I am SO glad I finally got it all to work together, so I can focus completley on posting now!! I've been noticing that I haven't done like ANY fashion posts lately...been kinda WACKO over photography, which isn't really a bad thing, but I know with a blog, you shouldn't just focus on one thing...all...the...time, or else the reader gets really bored. So to avoid boring you comes some fallish fashion!!

I know it's alot to focus on..but I lovewhat I am seeing in this photo! The key--chic layering. Cute cardigans go over almost anything, whether it's a light t-shirt, or something more fancy, like a dress. A cute belt, whether it be wide or skinny finishes off the look. I cannot describe how jealous I am of these girls..cause they all have tights and trenchcoats! Trenchcoats are *so* fall, and look so much more formal and professional than just a hoodie, and the tights allow you too wear a dress..even when the days start becoming chilly!!

What I love about these there colorful and randomness!! The little red booties are so cute, and I love how nothing really matches, but somehow because they keep the colorschemes the same, and blend bright colors with more neuteral ones, they create a totally fun look!!
This outfit combines more formal pieces, the jacket and the skirt, with causal pieces, and creates a look that could really work anywhere, a causal or formal atmosphere.

Another trend you guys should look out for is the aviator jacket, which combines comfort with a rugged style, and is also perfect for layer with almost anything, jeans and a tee, a tee and a skirt, a dress...the possibilties are endless!!
And that's my attempt at a fashion post..I really have to go now, so I hope you guys enjoyed!!
All my love and God's Blessings.


  1. Yes, it's so hard to find modest, warm clothes this winter. Skirts and dresses aren't really that warm. :( Thanks for this post!

    Abby :D