Monday, November 22, 2010

Dance Right On

Hello girlies!!

I know, I'm pathetically bad, waiting almost 5 days to post, I've been busy, getting a break from school, catching up on my reading and has been a rather luxurious living, but MY how I have enjoyed it!!
So. Today was rather a good day I went shopping!!! But one word bugs me!! Acne.
Uh-huh. What I really want is for the zits to GO AWAY, not to be told I am not alone, when anyone can CLEARLY see that girls with acne problems are seriously scarce. Yes, I am one of the rare ones. Ugh. I know, I know, pity party. But enough with today's rant.
Now on to my weekly Teen Girl's Daybook!!!

Date: November 22, 2010
Starting Time: 8:53 p.m.
Mood... Happy and generally satisfied with the going ons of the world.
Outside the window... Night
I'm thinking about... How much fast food I have ate lately...hehe may want to excercise tomorrow.
I'm reading...Beanpole :) It's a good book so far.
I'm lisinting to...TV and washing machine.
I'm wearing...My Pj's!!! Orange shirt...and purple crushed velvet pants. Oh yeah.
Yesterday I...Went to church
I'm excited for... Thanksgiving!!!
I'm sad because... the new job Dad has e will be gone for 2 months!!! :(
I'm hungry for... NOTHING!!! I'm so full!!!!
THe song stuck in my head is...... a little tune. LOL
I want: Acne to be gone and a certain guy to finally say hi to me since we are already kinda friend anyway!!! Arrgghhh!!! I mean HELLO?? Do I have to everything?
I love... my friends. They are SO amazing.
I loathe... Not really anything right now.
This week my goal is to... to not care about how I look like, to take creative pictures. and savor every moment I can with my family!!
Did I meet last week's goal? Sure did! :)
nding TIme: 9:06 p.m.
There you have it!! A little slice of ME right now! Now I've got to go do some other things on the computer and then grab some shuteye!! Love you girlies!!
Keep Shining!!

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