Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Social Network

{not my picture.}
I've discovered a problem with me.
It's that picture up there.
Yes, The Social Network.
When I come to the computer, to check my e-mail or even doing something else, I click open the search thing...and then I type in "".
I'll just check my notifications.
30 minutes later, can you guess what I'm still doing?
"My e-mail!! I forgot!! Oh no..."
Does anyone else do the same thing?
I now know two people who have delted theirs because they feel like it takes up too much time. Because once you check a notification, say someone commented on your status, and you comment back. And right there your'e caught up in a flurry of conversatiion and pictures.
I would love to have the nerve to delete mine; except I can't. It is fun to find friends whom you haven't seen in two years, add them as your sister, strike up a conversation with them. I can find almost my whole old school on there. It is just ridicioulus.
Oh Facebook, I LOVE you!!! But why are you sooo addicting!!??

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