Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Romance (or lack thereof) and shady waiters

So last night, I'm talking to this guy friend of mine, a guy friend that I sort of like, and

who's been acting like he sort of likes me back. I say "sort of" because I don't

know him well enough to really like him. And you know what he does? He

starts asking me for dating advice. Advice on how to talk to this girl he goes to school with, and how to ask her out!

At first I was like...

(minus the cigarette, of course.)

But then, I was like... ok
So I helped him along his way, gave him the things he needed to know, and all ended well and happy :D

And then I did my usual pre-bedtime Facebook run-through, and there's my friend and her husband gushing over the fact that it's their 6 month anniversary. That other girl saying how much she loves her boyfriend, how wonderful he is. That other girl having a baby!

And then, the wave of depression hit.

You know, that whole "everyone around me has someone!!!" kind of depression. I mean, I don't even have any male interests right now. Because no, as much as I wish he did, Tim Tebow does not count as a legitimate male interest.

just because he's beautiful.

And then depression turned to irritation when I realized that I am so not supposed to feel like this for another good three weeks!! It ain't Valentine's Day yet!!
And then the irritation somehow floated into hysterical laughter as I was lying in bed in the dark. Then I got the chills. Then the laughter came back.
So I decided to blog about it.

think that waiter at the restaurant we ate at the other tonight put something in my drink. I knew he was shady.

Gosh it's hot in here.

heh heh.


  1. YAY i'm not the only one who thinks the same of tim tebow. i just can't like him, you know? i feel like i'm breaking a new commandment "thou shalt not like tim tebow". it's hard, it really is, but he is attractive!

    anywho, the audrey hepburn bit was hilarious. you should've just put a fake cigarette in your mouth and totally channeled her. anywho, good post! :))
    -jocee <3

  2. LOL I know exactly what you mean!!! He is just adorable!!! LOl thanks found that picture somewhere, I just can't remember where. LOL!! I ought to try that, if I do I'll tag you in that post!! haha!! :) Thanks for commenting

  3. Just blog surfing and came across your blog. Two points of advice:

    1. Always focus on being the right person rather than finding the right person. Do this and Mr. Right will find you.

    2. You'll know when a guy likes you if the first thing he does after getting back from a weekend trip is call you to find out how you're doing.

  4. Hi Act LIke Men..thanks for commenting!!! I have once question for you..are you a male or a female? Althougha nybody's welcome.. I just wanted to know.

    Right, I am slowly learning that. And thanks that very good advice.