Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Wonderland...

Hi girlies!!

It's December!! Isn't that amazing? I just love the holidays, there always eems to be an extra warm glow on the inside, even when it's extra chilly on the outside :)

Our Christmas tree is up, and the Christmas decorations and lights are too!! Mom is going to go Christmas shopping for me and my brother!!!

This week has been so emotionally draining, I can't even begin to tell you. I have had ups and downs all over the map, been sick, done school, tried desperately to cram everything in, and feel like I've been run over by the steamroller of life.
Somehow life is so confusing, isn't it? I've longed for more friends, but when I get them, and I talk to them all the time, I long for the peace and queit of the old days, where I could just live without having to narrate my life to somebody else. I've longed to be busier so I wouldn't be so bored, and now I am, and my head hurts alot and I wonder when am I going to have time to do the things I loved too do, like take long walks and take pictures. The world changes so fast, doesn't it? My world did.
I guess I am going to have to get used to it, but right now, all I have is this aching pain behind my eyes and the desire to get away, where I can get some peace.
It seems so strange to me that I used to be able to go outside and enjoy it for hours, and just think. Now the only time I can get outside and get away is when I run. Parts of it I love...but right now I deeply miss the serenity. The rollercoaster was I want to get off.
So sorry if I'm one of those dreaded boring bloggers, but really, I don't have much emotional energy left over after the day is done and everthing is accomplished. I'll try, but I'm really hoping, for my sake and yours, that this season of feverish business will be over soon.
I went a took my hunter's safety course and I passed YAY!!!!! Life is life, girlies, and I must live it. DOn't worry, I'm not leaving, just slowing down a bit. I just can't be the everyday poster I was a few months ago. Then it was summer and I had so muchh time on my hands.
Now the future is before me and it isn't just going to be handed too me. I have to work for it, fight tooth and claw for it. And I will. Thanks for bearing with me. Love you girliees.


  1. I know what you mean about being drained. Some days I am so depressed... but then you have to keep on looking cheerful outside. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I know!! And thanks!! I feel better sick wise....and a little better emotionally today I have been seriously hapy!!!