Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cute Little Song!

Okay so I learned a song this past summer, and I can't believe I never shared it with you!

It is called (drum roll please)

The Kool-Aid Song!

Yes, Kool-Aid! As in, the interesting pitcher guy.
                                      Note: this is not my image.
It's kind of hard to understand at first because the song is more a play on words. You know "Do-Re-Mi" from The Sound Of Music, right? This song uses the same kind of play on words, and it is actually to the same tune. So, sing the Kool-Aid song to the same tune of "Do-Re-Mi".

Ready? :)
The Kool-Aid song:
Do (dough) the stuff, I buy my Kool-Aid with
Re (Ray) the guy I buy it from (thanks, Ray!)
Mi (me) the one, I buy my Kool-Aid for,
Fa (far) a long long way to get some!
So I think I'll have some Kool-Aid (how much?)
La (lots) and lots and lots of Kool-Aid
Ti (tea)? No thanks, I'll have some Kool-Aid
And that brings us back to do, do, do, do, do!
And there you have it, folks!

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