Friday, May 27, 2011

Listilicious :P

What I love:

-My parents for dealing with me!!!

-The video below this post. Nuff said.

-Neon glow-in-the-dark stuff

That I have a mother who can teach me :)

-braiding my hair at night, then sleeping with the braids in so the next morning it looks all cute and non-frizzy blahness.

-The way thunderstorms make everything so cozy inside the house..perfect for reading all curled up in bed.

(by the way...yesterday was a doozy of a thunderstorm day..yowch)

-Researching acne stuff on youtube and --preperation for being an esthetician or just an obsession of mine?? Maybe both...


-The way warm sourdough bread tastes with butter. Seriously? I LUUURVES IT.

-THIS BLOG. :) self explantatory.

What I Hate:

-That I might have an allergy to milk. NOOOO!! Dairy is my life!

Don't leave my dear friend!! :'(

-That my face looks mildly horrible. Am about to rip my hair out in frustration.

-That with the weather being so horrible, the possibility of taking pictures is nullified. :(

Welll...didn't feel like a long post today, but that's the breif and listilicious version of my life. Gotta run!



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