Saturday, May 28, 2011


When You Look Into The Future What Can You See?

What can I see?

Well, in 3 months I see myself turn fourteen.


There is so much weight with that word.

I have been a teenager for one whole year!

Only 4 more years and i will be an adult!!

I don't even know how I feel about that!

I can wear any kind of make-up now.

It's all so new.
And yet SO much has happened to me in my thirteenth year that I never expected to happen.

It's truly been a journey, and at times it's been really really hard.

I have sunk into depression at time, but at other times, really happy.

God has carried me through no matter what, and it's been one of the best years of my whole life.

And it's all about to end, and a new chapter is about to start.

Who knows what next year will bring?

If I'm lucky, money, lots of new friends, and a deeper walk with God :)

But it still makes me think...

Every year of my life is different,

and every year I have new experiences and learn something new.

"Well, duh," you may be thinking, "Of course every year is different."

But I think it's cool that God decides to teach us new things and make each phase of our life unique and important.

Thirteen, was, and is, awesome

But...I'm ready for fourteen.

I'm ready to grow up, take more responsibility, and just be more serious about life in general.

Sometimes life is a joyride for me..but in the end, that's not life.

It's not reality.

I'm ready to become more independent, and be more responsible with that independence.

I'm ready for fourteen.

How about you guys?What major landmarks are you girls going through?

I'd love to hear. :)


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