Saturday, August 21, 2010


1.I have God in my life.

2.I have an amazing family.

3.My Mom has a pomeranian, named Baby.

4.I have awesome friends!!

5.I can read and write.

6.I have an amazing imagination.

7.I have a roof over my head.

8.I have awesome grandparents.

9.I live in an amzing place.

10.I live in America.

11. My family and I are nice.

12. I have a wonderful Mom and Dad that take care of me.

13. My brother is awesome.

14. We have a truck.

15. I'm goofy ;)

16. I go to the best church ever!!

17. I have a brain. :)

18. I'm lucky enough to have a phone.

19. Summer is hot.

20. There are socks for your feet if you get cold. ;)

21. I have a brother.

22. My Mom can make deliscious pizza.

23. ...............and anything on the earth for that matter.

24. I am blessed to be almost 13.

15. I have a smile.

16. My parents are happy.

27. Baby is spoiled.

28. We have an amazing house.

29. My daddy works at Shaw.

30. I have the best playhouse ever!!!!

31. We have food.

32. I am brave.

33. I am getting better at history.

34. My Mom's dog is hyper!!!

35. I am blessed.

36. I have amazing,wonderful, awesome friends who care about me!!!

37. I have an amazing Grandma.

38. We live in a beautiful area!!

39. My aunt Pat is silly.

40. My aunt Julie is a office worker.

41. My Mom has to be the coolest, funniest, awesome-ist Mom ever!!!!!!!!!!

42. My room is green.

43. My Dad is funny and cool!!!!!!!!!!

44. I have a parakeet

45. His name is Kiwi.

46. We own a truck.

47. I have good eye sight.

48. My cousins are simpily awesome!!!!!!!

49. I have a great Bible!!

50. God is looking after us!!

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