Monday, March 8, 2010

Tagging Time :)

Favorite Food:Well let think here...ummm...I dont really have a favorite food:/

Favorite Animal:I love all animals of every shape and size but I really like dogs,cats,horses,elephants,donkeys,goats,birds and many others!!

Favorite Song:I have waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy to many to list!!!

Favorite Singer:

Favorite Book:Okay well here are just a few...
Eat This Not That
Frozen Summer
Dear Lola
Roses for Mama
Little Women
Hannah Montana (All of them)
The Calling of Emily Evans

Favorite movies: flywheel Fireproof and Facing The Giants and Saving Sarah Cain And I sure there are more:P

Favorite Number:I don't think I have one but I like 7, 12 and 13

Favorite Holiday:Christmas all the way!!

Favorite Color:I like almost every single color at different times!!

Favorite Things You Like To Do: Read,Sing,Write,Dance,Blog,Play,Crafts of many different kinds ,shopping!!...the list goes on and on...

Do You Like Long or Short Hair:Okay lets think... I have had long hair all the way down to my backside and now it is just know touching my shoulders so I cant really say:)

Do You Like This Tag:I guess you could say that!

Do You Think It Is Dumb: No!!

Do You Like Rings:Yes!!

Do You Like Makeup:Its okay but I hate it when girls now days put waaaaaaaayyyyyy to much on (especially mascara) It looks disgusting :/But I'm okay with a little.

Do You Like Animals: You said it!!

Do You Think This Is Too Long: No!

Who Are You Going To Tag: Well I dont think I will tag anyone this time!

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