Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Has Started.......

August 16th was our first day of school, and if didn't already know I am homeschooled. Which means that my Mom teaches me 8th grade. Just to let you all know, I had no idea that in 8th grade you would have A LOT more work to do (plus a lot more books), Maybe if I had known before, I would have flunked a couple grades back, to keep from going up into higher up grades, LOL!!! You know I'm just kidding though right??=) This is a schedule of my mornings:

6:00-up and dressed
7:00-A.M. chores
7:30- breakfast and devotionals
8:30- school starts
11:30- clean zones*
12:00- lunch time
1:00- school starts back and ends at 2:00

Pretty specific, isn't it?? I have my Mom (the serious organizer) to thank for getting me modivated to make a schedule. =) Although, I am hoping it will make my mornings alot smoother. HA HA!! Have you all started school yet?

*Zones are rooms in the house that I have to clean. For example, my zones are the living room and my bedroom. Did I make sense?

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