Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Something about The Number 4??

Hi everyone!!

Well here is a tag and I have no clue what I am supposed too do...........................please bear with me!! I guess I have to list 4 things in each catergory. So just read what you can and enjoy........oh!! and don't count my errors pleeeeeeeeeeeese!! =)

4 things found in my bag

In my bag...Well, I have books, a pencil, my nintendo DS and a spanish book.....don't ask me why (I don't even know)

4 Things found in my purse

I have a library card, money, lipstick and a pen.

4 Favorite things in my room

My huge bed, paint color of my room, my journal and my closet. (haha!!)

4 Things I have always wanted to do

Speak a forgien language, become a homemaker, own a really nice car....ok I know I would need A LOT of money for that, but hey!! I can wish can't I??And to be a helpmeet to my future husband.............oh, that's a serious one!!

4 Things I am currently into

Painting...................although I haven't touched a paintbrush for a while, getting better at excercising, cooking and reading.

4 Things I bet you didn't know about me

huh?? Well let's give it a try. I have 1 brother, I love to bake and cook, I listen to upbeat christian music and I am in a teen class at church.

I tag everyone!!!

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