Monday, June 20, 2011

Everybody's Dancin Dancin Crazy....

Hey girlios!! Yeah yeah I know, not a real word, but's called a poetic liscense and I use it ALOT :) My life has been full of randomness, summer, swimming, just general stuff :)
I have had kind of a decision\revalationtype of thannngg... :)


(btw, I have been replacing the with 'teh' it's not a's pronounced how it's spelled and it's totally *awesome*)

Okay....back to business.

I have decided to learn how to be more...feminine?

I'm not sure what to call it.

But for pretty much all my life, I've been kind of a tomboy. You know, the whole barefooted, runnig around in the woods, made stuff out of mud, kind of deal.

In a way...I'm still like that. And sometimes..since i'm about to turn fourteen, it's kind of embarassing. I'm tired of never knowing what to wear (or ever really HAVING anything to wear) or what the heck to do with my hair, my face...just everything.

I'm going to be in highschool this coming year, im growing's time to start looking like it!

*major shopping trip is predicted*

Hopefully tomorrow!!

And I have my cheeta eyes set on these leeeeetle prizes...

*hemhem* Cardigans from Old Navy

And dresses...gosh I need these so bad!! With summer comin and all..actually down here..summer is already here starting tomorrow!!

Aw :)

And SKIRTS...I have like no skirts.

And pretty much anything from American Eagle is totally amazing..

Sooo pretty :)

Plus, a shirt like this which will go with anything...ties the whole outfit together.

I don't know..I feel like my outfits are so random...I have bits and pieces from everywhere, but nothing that really goes together. I have a bunch of jeans..but I'm sick of wearing them.

My goal is to get a bunch of pieces that work together..more plannin my outfits then just randomly buying what I like then coming home and realizing it doesn't go with anything!

I love these options from Tilly's too :)

I also find myself buying the same thing over and over again..same colors, same cuts, same prints...I'm daring myself to go bold!

Like this bright red number..

Or this fun loose cut that I hardly ever wear...

(My..I do like Wet Seal!!)

Plus, I hardly have any of those little things that tie outfits together like tights...

and this cute little owl necklace...

Awww and rainbows too!! Haha

And of I just love these from Kohls'!!

And these sooo cute!

And these sneakers are awesome too!

And these are just beyond awesomely cool :)

Sorry that's alot of clothes to show you guys..I'm just really excited.

It feels like I'm turnin a new leaf, and it's a good leaf. I'm tired of being casual, and of not knowing how to dress the best I can. With a bit of shopping, and help with the ever handy Seventeen magazine.. (note: I am not supporting the magazines morals, which aren't great, but simply saying they have great style advice)

I'm going to change into a diva, don't worry...just a more polished, feminine version of me, and one I am very excited to get started on.

So that's my revelation!! Stay tuned for outfit pics after I go shopping!


Victoria :)


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