Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh Happy Day :)

Just. Look. At. That. Face.

How could anybody, ANYBODY, ever say no to that face?

Yeahh.. I am SUCH a sucker for my dog...I mean...those EYES and the perky little ears...


Cool people can wear pirate patches...and totally pull it off!!! :)

And these faces...PRICELESS :P (P.S. Only a place like Sir Gooney's has pirate patches.)

So. Onto the story of the day :)

Well as most of you know, I am on summer vacation (out of school) and today has been fabulous. Sometimes I moan about being homeschooled, and how people give you weird looks when you tell them, and how you can't really be on sports teams, or miss out on stuff like seeing your friends every single day.

But really, when I think about it, I'm super lucky. I have so much freedom, and although I don't want to stereotype or generalize, I have typically found that homeschoolers ten to be more down to earth then most public schoolers I know. Of course, there are exceptions to rule, like my amazing friend Kristina, but most of the time, I hav found the above to be true.

Especially the guys. I dunno what it is, but the guys they are so nice and smart and SENSIBLE. Sensible sounds weird, but compared to most teenage guys I know,they are just really down to earth and smart. They don't take stupid risks, or brag about themselves, or talk about basketball all the time, or heaven forbid, talk about hot girls.

I can actually carry on a innteligent conversation with them, and they are so mature and it's just so refreshing!! Sorry about the slight rant...but i just get so tired sometimes of stupid guys. Their rude, and there totally self absorbed. It's so nice to be able to have guys as friends that you can actually TALK with, not just roll your eyes at.


Well I can't wait till tomorrow...I'm going swimming!!





  1. Your dog is so cute!

    Homeschooling is so awesome. Except for in the summer time when you have to do school anyway. :/ That's a bummer.

    I hope you have a wonderful day and a great summer! xxxx~Kelsey

  2. Thank you!!! He is a pomeranain..his name is baby!! He was laying in my arms!! He is very spoiled!!

    Yes Homeschooling is pretty awesome!! I don't have to do school during summer...we take breaks just like public school does!! LOL!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day also!!!

    Thanks for commenting, and feel free to follow my blog!!