Monday, June 20, 2011

Neon Shines Through Smokey Eyes

Have you ever felt a connection with a song? Like, everytime you listen to it, you get goosebumps, and it just speaks to you, somewhere deep inside?
Well. That's what the song in the last post does for me.

And yes...I know there is refrences to being drunk in there, please don't think I'm accepting that behavior, i just love the haunting lyrics, Dave Matthews heart stopping voice, and the guitar woven through it all. I don't know why, but I could listen to this song all day long.
Anyways just wanted to share that song with you guys, since it's my new obsession :)
I've been thinking about hair today, wanted to share my ideas with you guys!!

First idea: Side Pony.

My hair is super thick, so side ponys tend to look cute, I would straighten the top, and then define the curls on the bottom with curlers ora curling iron or something. It's a super simple, elegant. and I would make it cuter but addinga flower to it, too dress it up a little bit. :)

Another idea I've been thinking about.

The beautiful fishtail braid.

I would starighten all my hair, then braid it fishtail style. I love dresses that have the mermaid-y style, so I think both these hairstyles would look great with that, and i could do them both myself, so no need to spen big bucks on hair.

The first hair style is more formal and pretty, while the fishtail is sexy and carefree...I like them both, and shall try them both out to see which one I like best :) Gosh I just love occasions like weddings. It's so fun to get all fancy once...especially since it's something I rarely ever do.

As far as my day today? It's been good :) SO not much drastic news to report about me personally, exept that I can't wait till to tomorrow to go to the pool, and I apologize about the lack of photos...ack! There's just not enough time in one day! :'(

The days shoould be extended to at least 30 hours so we could get everything done, huh?

Have a great rest of the week!



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