Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's A Gift!!

Okay, onto todays lesson, "It's a Gift".

God gave every single person at least one special gift. Whether it's singing or acting, or dancing or writing, or sports or maths, or science or music, or mystery solving or speaking --or anything else!

Hmm, I'm starting to get sick of the word "or".Perhaps I over-used it a little.. =P

So, you have your gift. Or gifts. You're naturally good at these things. You enjoy doing these things.

But sometimes we figure, "Hey, I'm WAY better than everyone in my house at this," -- Maybe everybody in the world even -- that we start to think, "I don't really need to practice, because I'm as good as I need to be!"

But that's totally not true. You can always work harder. You can always get better at what you do!

Here's something I got of a blog: There'll always be someone better than you at something, and someone worse.

And just because the persons worse than you, doesn't mean they have no abilities -- it means their gift is different to yours.

What about the person whose better than you? Well, your certainly not supposed to hate them, or be jealous. I think it's supposed to motivate you, to encourage you to keep practicing, to keep trying to get better -- to love what you do so much that you want to get better and better!

Oh, and don't ever think that you're not good at anything. I mean, that's not a crime -- I think that sometimes. Even though I know that it's not true -- I still think it... God gave us our gifts for a reason.

Don't use them for the wrong purposes -- use your gift/s to honour God! To glorify God! Use your gifts for God. :)


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