Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Remebering the old times!!

Old times. Remember the times when you did everything the same as your best friend?

Remember the time when all us girlz wrote. " AAYF" ( As Always Your Friend) at the end of each comment we wrote?

Remember when you first started you blog? Remember the way you used to go to your friends house all the time, back when you lived in a different town? Remember how you always dreamed of becoming a famous singer, and signed autographs to your "fans"? Remember the times you hated someone so bad you hurt them? Remember the time someone hurt you? ...

Remember the time you asked God to forgive them, to forgive you? That's a lot of rembering, girlz.

Today, I have three questions for you to answer. They are: Remember the time you started your blog. What made you create it? Did you even know why you were doing this?

Remember the time you discovered your favourite singer. Who was she/he? What made you love them? How did they change your perspective on something?...And, the final question.

Remember the time you decided to give your life to God. Maybe you were only a little kid, and prayed a prayer when you were with your mum or dad -- or both. Maybe you was at a friend's house-- and had a life changing expirence? Or maybe, one day, you just knew that's what you have to do. Or maybe you're not ready to make this decision yet.

Whatever the answer, I'd love to hear it. And, girlz, remember -- comment them in a post -- for the "Dear Victoria" advice section. COMING SOON!!! :)Luv,Victoria

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