Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Do you like sugar cookies? Yes!
2. Do you like a LOT of lights on your Christmas tree, or just a few? A medium amount, more rather than less
3. Do you prefer a real tree, or an artificial tree? Real tree all the way! They smell so good when they're fresh
4. What's your favorite Christmas carol(s)? Away in a Manager (That's a beautiful song) Silent Night
5. Do you like egg-nog, or boiled custard? Egg-nog ( it's very good)
6. Do you want a lot of snow for Christmas, or just enough to sled in? BOTH!!
7. What's your favorite part of the Christmas story? Favorite part? What kind of a question is that?
8. What's your favorite Christmas movie(s)? The Nativity Story and A Christmas Caper
9. If you could spend $1,000,000, what would you buy? Well, I don't know that's alot of money!!!
10. What are your favorite name(s) of Jesus?Lily of the Valley, Messiah.

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