Thursday, January 21, 2010

ur style--don't forget

All this talk of style. We just have to remember something. Even though, at times, it might seem like fashion is SO important. But we're not here for long. God has WAY better plans for us -- going to Heaven sounds pretty awesome too me! But that's not what I'm posting this to say. I'm here to say -- God doesn't see the outside's. You've probably been hearing that since you were 5 years old, but until now, it didn't really click to me. Then, suddenly, I realized -- God doesn't look at the outside's. Literally. He doesn't. He really does just focus about what's inside us. What's on the outside really just...doesn't matter to him. No, don't worry -- I'm not saying wear the same pants and top for the rest of your life. Just try really hard not to make fashion one of your main priorities in your life...

xox Victoria

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