Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Maybe you sometimes think, "Does God really still do miracles? Does he still hang around, to see what we're doing?"

Even though it may not seem so sometimes, the answer is yes.

Take this, for example -- a month or so ago, at a train station, a young mother's baby carrier ran away (By the wind, not the child). And you know what? It fell onto the tracks; a split second later the train sped past. Can you imagine what that mother must of been feeling right about then? To see her baby being run over by a train? The thought of it makes me sick. But do you know what? The toddler wasn't even bruised; he came out alive.

There is nothing you can call that but a miracle. God was there. He protected that baby. He was watching over it. Such an amazing story. :)Have faith. There doesn't have to be an explanation for everything.

Have faith and believe God has done something here. :)I mean, check out this miracle.

God gave Moses the power to divide the red sea. How do you divide a sea?! Can you just imagine seeing that happen? I can't... it'd be cool though!

Have a look around; instead of being bored, see what's around. Have a look at some of the miracles you never noticed before; because they're there.

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