Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Why do you have a blog? Cause it's fun!
Do you have more close online friends or offline? Definitely more offline, but I've met some wonderful girls online too!
Do you correspond? Huh?
Who was your first pen pal? Yes a girl from Iowa
Do you have a best friend? Yes, but for fear of offending, I will refrain from mentioning a name :)
Do you play April Fools Day pranks? Nice ones.
Have you watched a movie and then regretted it? Yes.
Do you generally prefer books or their movie adaptions? I don't know
How many siblings do you have? One :1 brother
Do you want more? I would love to have more siblings! An older sister would be nice... :P
Do you have any married siblings? nope
What is your favorite branch of the military? Navy
What do you hate most in books/movies? Unnecessary kissing
If you had to name just one book (other than the Bible) to call your favorite, what would it be? Strawberry Girl
What book/series/movie have you been the most wrapped up in? *smiles* I don't know
What music are you listening to right now... at this very moment? None

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