Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blue Wishes

Hey girls!
How are you guys this lovely Sunday afternoon? I can't say I'm feeling too peachy, but I hope you guys are feeling awesome :) I wanted too show you guys some pictures from my last babysitting job...I was literally snapping pictures half the time, the poor baby had no idea what was going on!
He was so cute though, and was literally happy playing with his toys. He had a blast!!
I was tired, but he was a good boy!!

My Mom was babysitting I was just help.....In this photo he was pressing his face against the window!!!LOL
He loved that little guitar......and sorry about the blurryness of it....that boy was constantly moving!!!

He was so cute!!!

But at the same time, of course, an adorable and rather sleepy baby :)
As far as life goes, there's not much news too report. I have a few bits of good news, it's supposed too snow 7 inches!!! :)
And now I have another poem too share with you guys. (I didn't write this.) I don't post them often,but i really like this one. :)
Hang on
It's a familar feeling,
The rollar coster is up to the top,
The second before it drops,
Everything inside my poised to fall with it,
Hair flying forward,
Voice ready to scream,
The gleam of the metal,
Holding me up,
Yet twisting turning,
Upside down,
No control,
No time to do anything but
Hang on.
I see the rail,
But it doesn't register,
Until the twist finally happens,
Velocity incomprehensibile,
Can't control myself,
It's a primal world,
Where the fight to survive,
Still so wholly exists,
Can't put my hands in the air,
No thoughts,
But to hang on.
You are like my rollar coaster,
Turning my insides out,
Can't let the feelings out,
Their too busy,
Fighting zero gravity,
Wish I could relax,
Enough to let you catch me,
But the fear is ever there,
Makes me clutch that safety bar,
The ever dependance upon the independence,
the first thought in my mind
To hang on.
It's a delightful fear,
But fear it still is,
Tying my stomach in knots,
I can laugh it off,
And ignore it's there,
But if I ever see your face,
I'll be on top of that rollar coaster again,
For the moment when it all drops,
For good or bad,
It can't be stopped,
A force beyond my own self,
Dignity can't be salvaged,
When you are falling in different directions,
On a ride you can't stop or slow down,
Nothing to do,
Just hang on.
Time passes like,
A shooting gun,
Once fired it can't be undone,
Once you buckle in there's no turning back,
As the coaster rides on up,
Clicking and clanking,
To increase the feeling,
Curdiling in your stomach,
Is there joy at the end or sorrow,
Will I regret this move tomorrow?
Can't predict where the gun will fire,
Can't see the end of the race,
Before it's begun...
All these people and I see only one,
Haloed in the setting sun,
Don't know which direction to run,
Can only hang on.
What if in the middle,
Of the wild and insane confusion,
You grab my hand and become an anchor,
The whole world could turn over,
But I would have you,
Only a possibility,
But one that makes me,
Linger before the ride,
Unable to walk away,
Wishing I could have both,
The safety of the ground and the safety of you,
So terrifying,
Where will this go,
Are you forbidden,
Nobody knows,
A rollar coster no one can see,
A mystery hiding in dark melee,
Will curiousty get the best of me,
What one earth is meant for me,
God, show me which way I should flee,
In or out,
With you or away,
Can't bear to stay,
Or leave,
Just desperatley
Hang on.
I hope you guys like it!! Well, that's all for today...Have a wonderful day!


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