Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vacations sure are...SNAZZY!

So, In December I went to Florida and stayed down there a week for a church camp meeting I had a blast!! So. Here are my...vacation pictures!!! Sorry I can't get much in as far as actual TALKING...I've had a super stressful past few days and a few emotional breakdowns, and doing school, so I'd rather show you guys what my vacation was like :)

Yep. That's me and a cow....The pastor and his family let us stay in their partsnige (how ever you spell that.) So they were right next door and they had a cow named Honey. She is such a sweet cow.
Here is the St. Johns River..this is on Fleming Island. Really Beautiful!!

A very pretty palm tree!!!!

I thought this sailboat was neat looking Mom took that picture!!


I took this picture of a lamppost I thought it was neat looking!!!

The loooooong pier!!

From left to right: Me, Mom, Paw-paw and Grandma. There's the family looking so goshdarnit ggood lookin :)

pretty rocks

Me and Mom I was pretending like I was playing the piano.
Sorry there aren't tons of pictures...there is tons more but they are more for just family.....hope you guys enjoy!!
Victoria :P


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