Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random FPOTD!!!

Yep. FPOTD! (Favorite Pic Of The Day), reserved for those girlie bloggers out there who simply cannot write looooooooooooong novels everyday telling the highly awesome intrestingness of their lives!
So. My favorite pic today is a self portrait, and while, in a photographical sense, isn't too amazing, but I really think it captures the essence of ME.
Like I said, not too photographically awesome, but I love it cause it's so me. The cute hat, the huge smile, and happy smiling eyes.
It's me in the sense that I just love being free and joyful. I am a stylish kinda girl!! I know how to put an outfit together!! I will never be one of those girl who straighten their hair to perfection, or who wears a TON of make-up. I'm just me.
It's just me flaws and all, take me or leave me, because I don't intend on changing for anyone. Besides, I love this photo cause I think it shows the joy that God has given me. I love to laugh and smile. That's who I am, and I think this photo represents that :)

Well that's my news! Hope you guys have a super amazing Sunday!!



  1. You look so cute in that hat!

    Abby :D

  2. Thanks Abby!! It is new I bought it Friday I think. I LOVE IT!!!