Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hey Ferb, I know what were going to do today...

Yeah, yeah I know that show is a cartoon on Disney and I am WAAAYYY to old for that, but honestly? It's totally hilarious. And Fish Hooks? I just love Milo and Bea!! But enough about cartoons. *raises eyebrows mysteryiously.* What have I been doing today? Well, Today nothing..later I might go get something to eat or go rabbit hunting. :)
Well, spring and summer will be here before we know it. Which means no make-up cause I like tans!! I hate feeling exposed like that every day, with thousands of people looking at me. I wish I could just have no make-up on and wear sweats and just do whatevs and feel fine. Ya know?
Argh. I wanted today to be a happy post....but honestly, I am really not feelin to awesome. i wish I had some pictures I could post...instead I posted a music video below. :)
I mean, two depressing post in a row would be *so lame* :P


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