Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey girls!
Well it has been snowing here for 2 days so far!!! I love it!!! So, while that means me playing in the snow and throwing snowballs and all that jazz, it also means I can't really post for a week. But don't worry, I will take tons of pictures and the post afterwards will be worth the wait!
So, I just love the snow..the roads are icey and everything is white!!! Sooo exciting.
Oh and another note...I believe a sweet little blogger I'm pretty sure, commented on a post that I made a while back, and you were so sweet, I'm sorry I couldn't comment back! Blogger was being really weird and wouldn't let me, in no way did I not appreciate your comment :) in fact I LOVE comments so comment away my friends and tell me what you think of my posts and pictures!
So that's my little note for today...sorry there are no pictures I have been crazy busy today, with snow and Dad came back home today, it's been crazy busssyyy :)
So don't miss me too much girlies, I promise I'll be back!
All my love, and God's blessing, Victoria <3

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