Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sister to Sister :)

Hey girls! I'm just chillen here writing on my blog. Today was pretty crazy!! Dad was trying to get out of the driveway and slid and ran over 2 small trees!!! His truck is ok but the trees are demolished!!! I love snow!!! On a side note, I've been trying really hard to get over my self consciousness, at least over my skin, and the other day, it worked pretty okay. I mean, I definately felt different, but it didn't totally get me down because I felt pretty in other ways. My hair looked good and I liked the outfit I was wearing, so that helped some, besides, I just figured that I am never going to see any of these people ever again, so why do I care how they see me? The people, my family, friends, and this one awesome guy, all love me for why should I care if I have a zit or two? Nobody's perfect. Life isn't Disney Channel. Not all girls have an unlimited wardrobe with perfect hair, perfect skin, fame, and a cute boy.
I have a great,loving, encouraging family, a God who loves me and friends who would take a bullet for me and I for them...what else do I need? I don't need the approval of the world anyway.
So that's my daily pick me up---for you guys AND me. I know not all girls struggle with skin issues like me, but all girls have SOMEthing they don't like about themselves, and I am here to tell you that in the end it DOESNT matter. I know that deep inside, but sometimes it's SO hard to bring it out,to really live it. I'll freely admit I've had meltdowns about my looks, I've freaked out about my skin, I've moaned over my flaws. But that doesn't mean that after I'm done freaking out, I can't pick myself up, and with God's help, try again to make it through. And so can you.
What are some of your insecurities? We girls are all together on this and we should be praying for each other about our fears and insecurities. If you don't want to leave it in a comment, message me!
We are sisters in Christ and we should pour out our hearts for each other, because that is how God's body WORKS. You know some of mine now...I would love to know some of yours, so I as your sister can pray for you ;)
Well, that's my little note for today :)
No pictures...those will come after this week.
Love you girls! Keep reading, commenting, and living for Christ!

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