Monday, January 31, 2011

I have a dream..

The immortal words of Martin Luther King,but, hesitantly and oh so tentatively..maybe my own as well. The thought has come to me before..what do i want to do with my life? Oh, I've had many ideas as a child, an artist, a pediitrician, a veternarian, a dog trainer, a professional horse show jumper, a journalist, a freelance writer, a missionary...but none of them have really seemed FIT. You know? Like the career was just made for me, and I for the career.
I began to wonder whether there IS a career just for me, that will suit my needs and wants perfectly. Most likely, I think with a rather pessimistic point of view, I'll have to not bother with all this romantic nonsense and just find a decent job.
But deep inside I know that a career is so much more then just a JOB. It's you.
What is the first thing an adult asks another adult?
That's right. "What do you do? What is your career? Where do you work?"
What is another thing that all adults ask budding highschool students? "What do you pan on being? What do you want to do with your life?"
I'm tired of not having an answer.
I know I want to do something important with my life. I want it to matter to people. I don't want to be one of those people who when having died, no one really notices there gone.
I knwo I want to help people, and I know I want to do something where I am intellectually stimulated. The worst job in the world to me would be just sitting in some cubicle all day long, answering phone calls for an insurance company or something. That sounds like the most boring job ever.
I want to be able to interact with people, to make their lives better,to be able to help them.
"That's easy," people say when they hear that, "Become a teacher or a Doctor!"
Well. I can't say I haven't considerd being either one. But a Doctor? That involves surgeries and blood and internal organs. I'm pretty good with people in emergencies, but I'm not sure I could handle inside-the-body stuff. Outside, maybe. But inside? I...don't think so.
A teacher? I'm not sure I could do it. Teachers have a hard job, trying to make a bunch of kids care about stuff that most of them don't care about, they have to have pretty much eternal patience and god people skills ALL the time. I just don't think I could handle being with a classroom of kids all year long, everyday with practically no breaks. It's a hard job.
I mean, I like some extent. But even with babysitting, after my job is over, I find myself breathing a sigh of relief. It is HARD to entertain those little guys for even three hours..much less all day!!
I think I would go nutso if I became a teacher.

One idea...more of a little dream then anything else, is maybe...a dermatologist. What first made that impression on me is hearing what they do and stuff.They make people feel like people's acne isn't disgusting, simply a rather hard puzzle, that the dermatologist and the patient has to work on to solve. They give people hope that their skin will be clear.
Also, just beyond the emotional stuff, I also spend a ridiculous amount of time researching skin conditions and ways to treat them. I find it fasinating that there are so many differnt ideas out there about acne and skin problems, some of them are true, some of them just simply impossible, or just plain old disgusting. Did you know I actually read in one discussion about what differnt people actually use for there acne, that one person actually suggests using a wet baby's diaper as a cure? Isn't that disgusting? How could anyone possibly think it would be ok to put urine on their face?!
I would be great to clearup that mystery for other people so they don't have ot go through what I did, trying to find something that works.
But mainly, I would maybe like to become a dermatologist because I want to help other teenagers and adults who have had the same skin problems I have had. I know how humiliating it can be. It can feel like the complete in of the world.
That's why I want to help,so other people don't have to go through what I did.

I have that little dream inside of me,but another part of me is scared. I don't feel smart enough to go to medical school, to become a doctor. It seems so huge, and really intimidating. What if I fail? What if I do all this work and don't make it into med school? What if I fail?
I know I'd need to work hard, and I'd have alot of time to figure it out, first college, then med school, but it's still scary.
So could you girls pray, for me and my little dream? About whether it's supposed to be in reality or not? I would love that :)
Have a GREAT rest of the week girls..and don't forget to comment! I love hearing from you guys.


  1. cute blog.
    i love reading your posts!
    xxo, Jazzie

  2. Hi Jazzie, thanks soo much!! You are more then welcome to follow my blog if you want to. :)

    Spread the word of my blog...thanks!!

    I will check your blog out!

    Thanks for commenting and reading my post I appreciate it very much!!


  3. Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for following my blog! {In the Bookcase}

    I just came over to check out your blog, and it looks great! I'm already a follower of you. I really like this post here, where you're talking about your dream.
    ~~I think I'll really enjoy reading the things you write!

    ~ Tarissa

  4. Hi Tarissa, First of I love your name!! It is so unique!!

    Thanks..I love your blog it is neat!!

    Thanks for following I love followers and comments!!

    Thanks I do think it would be neat to be a dermatologist!! Spread my blog around thanks!!


  5. Yes, please, please become a dermatologist and clear up the mystery of acne! I could use that... :) And EW! Wet diapers? Grooooss! ;)

  6. Hi Julia, I know what u mean about acne!! Yes Wet diapers and EWWW and TOTALLY GROSS!!! You are more then welcome to follow my blog if you like too!