Friday, February 19, 2010

I wear my tank tops...backwards!?! !?!

Yes, its true! I wear my layering tank tops backwards! I know that sounds bananas! And now I'm going to do something even stranger! I'm going to suggest YOU do it too! LOL! The reasoning behind my madness, I can't find tank tops that cover enough! I try very hard to dress modestly, and that includes "covering


  1. Yeah, I know...sorry I don't think I can wear them backwards. I'll try but I dunno. Mine seem to fit okay. I dunno maybe my idea of covered it less then yours. I sure hope not though. Thats a cool idea though. And I respect you for your reasoning.

  2. Thank you you don't have too do it unless you want too but I think it would be neat if everybody tryed it one day.....but do what you want.