Friday, February 19, 2010

Tagging Time :)

Thanks to everyone whos reading my blog, and to my followers!

So...your supposed to put seven things about yourself that nobody knows...hmmm.....
1. I love hot foods! (Chile, Franks Hot Sauce, Jalapenos, Etc. The hotter the better!
2. I hate yellow as a jean color!
3. I'm 5"8 tall
4.I wear makeup but it's very little lipstick and face powder
5. I'm shy around new people.
6. I want to write a really awesome book....
7. I have an obsession with hoodies!


  1. what do you do when you get tagged, do you copy the quistions, answer them and post them on your blog? lol, NO ONE ever told me what to do when you got tagged, I feel dumb, lol :P

  2. You ain't dumb it took me forever also lol You just highlight all of it then go to your blog click on new post then paste it then erase there answers and put yours then publish it. Sorry I forgot too tell you in email.

  3. okay, thanks Victoria. =)