Friday, February 26, 2010

My Perfect Dream House

My perfect dream home will be somewhere close to my parent’s house. I want to be able to go home when I need to. I want to live somewhere where I’m close to the city, but close to the country.

I picture my home to be warm and cozy. I want a relaxing feeling when people walk into it. I picture a big enough yard for my kids and their friends to play in it all day long. I see in my dream no neighbors around us.

In my home I picture at least 5 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room, a couple bathrooms and a big basement. Oh and of course we would need a garage. Why at least five bedrooms? I want at least 4 kids and would like them to have their own rooms, and of course a room for my husband and I. It would also be nice to have a spare room for guests. (remember I’m dreaming :-D I would like a big basement because on those rainy days the kids could go down and play and let their imaginations run.

In the front yard I picture flowers all around it. I picture my house to have a front porch and flower growing all around it. My back yard has a swing set in it and a small manageable garden in the back corner. Of course I picture the greenest grass I can get.

So I guess that is all that I can see in my dream for now. I hope one day that it comes together and maybe it won’t happen. I know that I will love my home wherever I will be as long as I’m with my family and close to my parents and his parents… it will be perfect.

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