Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tagging Time :)

What are you doing right now? Uhh... eating
What do you smell? food
What is your screen background? A little picture of a dog saying will you be my valentine?
Pick two random picks and post them. [see above]
Are you between five and six feet tall? yes
Where are your favorite pair of shoes right now? Still at the store. lol
Do you find sushi gross or addicting? Hmmm... gross
Have you ever heard the word "desiderata"? Nope!
Do you know what it means? Nope!
If I walk into your room, what would you be doing? Uhh writing, stuff like that.
What's your favorite place to buy hot wings? store
How many pets have you had in your lifetime? Let's see...numerous

If this is you, then answer the questions on your blog, add more questions, and keep the tag going!

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